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Trend Alert: Paperbag Waist Pants

You know I've been gravitating toward classic pieces lately, still, I'm never afraid to try a fun trend. I especially love when the trend takes a fun new spin on a classic, making it the perfect blend of old and new. The current trend I'm super into: paperbag pants.
Trend Alert: Tie Waist Pants 
Tie Waist Pants

Trend Alert: High Waisted Trousers 
Tie Waist Trousers
High Waisted Trousers
Trend Alert: Paperbag Waist Pants 
Paperbag Waist Pants 
paperbag pants

Paperbag pants are essentially a high-waisted pant with a tie waist. They are uber comfortable and super flattering! They can be found in everything from full-length, to culotte to short styles, and even skirts.

I recently picked these ones up and the N Sale, and they are my favorite to date! They sold out super quickly, but I'm happy to report they have been restocked!! They are seriously the best I have tried on, and look so chic and slimming. If you're in the market for a good summer/fall work pant, these are it.

When it comes to wearing paperbag pants, balance is key. Because these pants tend to look bigger on the bottom, you'll want to contrast that with a tighter looking top. Think camis, bodysuits, or even french-tucked in sweaters.

I rounded up a few great styles below, including the ones pictured.

Microblading - Your Questions Answered!

If you've been watching on Instagram stories, you know I recently had microblading done. As promised, I'm here to answer all your questions and share my experience with you. From the very first procedure to the final touch up, it's taken about a month for the whole experience from start to finish.  I absolutely love the end result and the fact that I don't have to do my brows everyday anymore. If you are planning to get it done, there are a few things you must know.
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Microblading: What you should know

It takes time - As I mentioned above, the whole process takes time. And honestly, you're going to look a little crazy for a bit. If you can plan to get it done on a week you don't have a lot going on, or don't care what you look like, I would recommend it.

 You're going to look crazy - Yes I just mentioned this above, but I can't stress this enough because you need to be prepared that it's going to look a little weird at first. You have to put salve on your brows to keep them moist so they can heal, and I felt like a total greasy Mario. They are really dark at first, and just look intense, so just be prepared for that. Over the course of the next week, they will also start to itch and flake and may look uneven. This is normal and just part of the process - remember you have a touch up appointment.

It messes with your sinuses - Because the work is being done on/near your sinus cavity, it really stirs things up when the work is being done. It instantly made me feel cold-like symptoms, and I was surprised that they didn't really go away for a couple of days. I slept really hard that night and continued to feel legit sick over the next few days (itchy/dry eyes, fatigue, and sinus discomfort) and I didn't have a cold. (Please note: this was just my experience, and may not happen to everyone, but I just want you to be prepared because this is what happened to me.) It wasn't for a few weeks that I actually felt 100% again. I do think my body is sensitive to foreign bodies, which is why I took it so long to fully recover. It was bearable though, and just more of an annoyance for a couple of weeks.

Now, here are your microblading questions answered:

Does it hurt? - Yes and no. If you watched my live video you probably saw my reaction asking my esthetician if "this was it?". That's because when she started, I couldn't believe that's how little of pain I felt. She didn't even use numbing cream! It didn't hurt me, but I have a high tolerance for pain. Other women have told me they were in tears when they had it done. I will say, after the first hour it definitely starts to feel raw and more intense, though. My second appointment definitely hurt a little more. I think because my skin was more sensitive from all the poking done the first time. It was bearable though, and hey...beauty is pain, right?

Can you get microblading done while pregnant? - I asked my esthetician this and she said she wouldn't recommend it. Your body and skin change so much while you are pregnant that it's very likely your body could reject it pretty quickly, and then you'd have wasted all that time and money. Beside that, I've read that tiny traces of the ink could be linked to the fetus, so it's best for baby to wait til post-partum.

How much does it cost? - I'm not sure what the going rate is but I got mine done at Veda and they are offering a huge special right now. It's typically upwards of $500 there, but they are currently offering an introductory price of $225 for the 1st microblading session and $50 for the touch-up. This is a huge deal, so you don't want to miss out on it! I go to Amanda at the Southgate location, if you're wondering.

How long does it last? - With proper care, they should last you 1.5-3 years. You will need to get touch ups when they start to fade, after that. If you decide you don't want to continue getting it done, just don't get the touch ups and they will eventually fade.

I absolutely love my brows now, and it's a blessing to not have to do them every morning! If you have any other questions about microblading, feel free to post them in the comments below!

Outfit deets here:

What I Wear On A Plane

Heading out this morning on vacay to Santa Barbara and Ojai, to spend some QT with my aunt. We are so overdue for some "us" time and I couldn't be more excited to be spending it together in the California sun! It also happens to be Fiesta in Santa Barbara, this weekend, and I am here for it, people! 

Brandon and I decided to fly into LAX and take the scenic route down PCH into Santa Barbara. We could have flown straight to SB, but our layover in LAX was longer than what it would have taken us to drive there, and it's been years since I've driven the Pacific Coast Highway, so I welcomed the road trip. I will say though, we had a romantical idea to rent a convertible for our travels, and due a last minute change in plans, our rental went from about $400 to $1500. Needless to say, we will now be renting a Camry. LOL

When it comes to airport travel, there's really only one must for me: comfort. I seriously do not understand the girls that can treck through the airport with heels on. I mean, more power to you if your feet can handle the miles of airport walking, but...mine can't.
Popular Colorado fashion blogger, Leah Behr
What To Wear On a Plane
Comfortable Airport Travel Look
Here's what I wear on a plane:

Flats - Flats are a must when it comes to flights. I think I've mentioned this before, but closed toes are also at the top of the list. I don't know why, but it just grosses me out to have my toes exposed on a plane. I bought these flats in Spring, and they haven't let me down. They are easy to throw on with just about everything, and have actually held up, despite how low-priced they are.

Comfortable Pants - I mostly reach for comfortable pants like leggings, or joggers, when it comes to flying. Planes have such tight spaces, and I don't want to feel any more constricted than I have to. I recently added these to my closet, and am so glad I did. They are super comfy and will be perfect for the flight!

Layers - You will never catch me without some sort of jacket or sweater on a plane. It's too much for gamble for me to go into an uncontrolled air environment, and it might be the Cali girl in me, but I need to feel like it's a perfect 78 degrees people!

Oversized Tote - With what they charge for baggage on a plane, I have to make sure that I can fit all the things in my free allotted personal item. (I probably look like Mary Poppins with all the stuff I pull out of there sometimes!) I have had this one for years and worn it more times than I could count, and it's still holding up strong.

That's about it for me. I always make sure to have a book, and a few podcasts downloaded - thank goodness Brandon always remembers to pack two sets of headphones. ;)

Be sure to check out my list of my favorite travel sized products here.

 What do you wear on a plane?

How To Wear All White

I love an all-white outift. It's effortlessly chic and an easy, put-together look for me, when I'm in a pinch. 

A few weeks ago on Instagram, I asked if you would like me to create a blog post about must-have pieces in a capsule wardrobe, and not surprisingly, a lot of you were interested. I totally get it, too. I, myself, have been trying to move toward interchangeable basics. It makes getting ready easy, and is pretty effective in achieving a flawless, put-together look.
I'll be doing a full blog post in the coming weeks about a capsule wardrobe, but in the meantime, you can rest assured that a good white cami and white pair of jeans are on that list. 

When it comes to interchangeable basics, I tend to invest a little more than I would on something trendy. The chances of you wearing it over and over will be high, so your pay-per-wear will end up being pretty low. Also, since you'll be wearing it over and over, you're going to want to make sure they are quality pieces that will stand the test of time. If you're sticking to a budget, Nordstrom Rack is one of my favorite places to find quality pieces at a low price.

A few simple tricks I stick to when wearing all white.

1. Accessorize it! - To add dimension to your all-white look, it's essential to add accessories. I love wearing hats, so I often reach for them, but if you're not a hat girl, at least reach for your favorite necklaces, earrings and bracelets. I lean toward classic accessories for this type of look, such as mixed metals, because I don't want anything to be too overpowering. 

2. Tan - I feel like shades of tan are one of the easiest ways to add depth to your all white ensemble. Adding tan by way of a fun belt, hat or shoes, is a total must. I have been living in these mules for months now, and can't recommend them enough. They are currently on major sale here, too. (FYI, you'll want to size half a size down.)

3. Denim Jacket - You can't go wrong with an oversized denim jacket, in my book. It's the easiest accessory there is. I always drape mine over my shoulders, for an added dose of chic.

Best Leggings For Fall

I realize it's July and I'm talking about the best leggings for Fall, but bear with me guys - there are a few good pairs on sale, that I don't want you to miss out on! And, in case you are wondering, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is still going strong, but it is now open to the public! You do not have to be a cardholder to shop it, so don't wait. Items keep selling out! 

I added these Spanx ones to my closet during last year's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and they are a solid piece that hasn't let me down. I wear them all fall and winter long, with oversized sweaters or dressy tunics. They the high waist sucks everything in, but overall, they smooth everything out. I swear they actually make you look/feel thinner! They are also available in a moto style, and fun camo print
These workout leggings by Zella have become a favorite of mine, ever since last year's N sale, too. They are my go-tos for lounging around the house, or running errands - you know, when you don't really want to get dressed, but you still want to look like you're at least trying? I love the high-waist (again, holds everything in) and they are not sheer in the slightest. They currently come in 3 colors and are on sale for less than $36. Don't miss your opportunity snag these now.

I linked a few other favorites pairs of fall leggings below. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends August 3rd, so there is still time to shop it! You can see some of my top picks here.

Remember, there is always free shipping and free returns, AND you can return your orders to your local Nordstrom Rack, so you can order with peace of mind!

My Secret Weapon For Great Hair: Dry Texturizing Spray

I've been getting a lot of questions about my hair lately. Ladies...believe me when I tell you that it's taken me 32 years to figure it out. 

No seriously. 

You see, I grew up with a mom that has curly hair. Like curly, curly. And when 6th grade rolled around, my curls started to develop, too - and it was my worst nightmare! I mean, all the girls had the prettiest straight hair, and I stuck out like a sore thumb (at least I felt that way....and what 6th grader wants to be "different"?!). I've since grown to love my hair, but it's been a long road.

Because my mom never wore her hair any other way, I didn't know there were options. I thought I had two choices: curly (aka whatever my hair decided to do that day) or stick straight (and I used an ACTUAL iron to achieve this look.)

Fast forward to my 20's (and even some of my 30's) and I still wore it two ways: curly or stick straight (except by now I had evovled to a flat-iron). For the past 7 years, every time I would go in for a hair cut, I would begrudgingly allow a MICRO trim, because I was so afraid of taking off any length from my hair, because I just didn't know how to style a short hair cut in a cute way. (And when my hair is short and curly, I resemble a young Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You. Not even kidding.)

So, for the past 7 years, I kept going to the salon and making it known that I didn't want any length taken off, as my ends just kept dying and dying, and my hair just quit growing, because it was breaking off so badly on the ends. Then, a balsy day in March of this year led to 4 crazy words, "Let's just chop it."

 I knew I just needed a fresh start, and I had gotten comfortable enough with a curling iron and round brush the past year, to know I could figure out a cute way to style it. (Remember when I told you it took me 32 years to figure it out? I wasn't lying.) 
Since chopping my hair (aside from it being the best decision I could have made to revive my locks), I've grown to really love my short 'do. I quickly turned to YouTube videos and beauty bloggers to figure out how to achieve the look I wanted. It wasn't until I discovered Dry Texturizing Spray, that I actually got the look I wanted though.

I love styling my short lob, but I really love it to look sort of messy and undone. I want it to look 1 part polished, and 1 part like I just rolled out of bed - you know what I mean? Dry Texturizing Spray is what helps me get this look.

The first product I tried was by Amika, and I fell in love with this one, guys. It's not cheap ($25 a bottle) but it's effective! It gives my hair all the dreamy textures and bed-head waves I crave - and, a little goes a long way.

I could spend the rest of my bed-head hair loving days using this product and be one happy duck, but I realize not everyone has a budget to buy one $25 hair product, so I tried a more budget friendly option for you babes.

I recently tried this dry texture spray by Not Your Mother's, which rings it at just under $10. I don't like it as much as the Amika Un-Done Dry Texture Spray, but it does the trick, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly option. You just have to use a lot more of it.

At the end of the day, I just want to be of service to you guys. This is why I try different hair and facial products, even when I have found ones that I love. I'm all up for trying something else, too, so if you have a product you swear by or have a product you want to try but aren't sure of, let me know in the comments below!

By the way, I have a quick little tutorial on my beauty highlights on Instagram, if you want to check out how I curl my hair. Let me know if you would like to see a video on here, too!


If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I took a couple of days off to unplug from social media, over the weekend. It was only a 36 hour break, but for someone that checks Instagram hourly (or more!), it was a big deal. Aside from being able to spend my free time reading a book, hanging with family, and just being, my off-screen time taught me one major thing: I waste A LOT of time on social media.
Sure, I need to be on social media a whole lot more than the average person, but how much of that time am I really being intentional with? And, how much of that time am I stealing away from my own life? How much of that time could be spent tidying up my house, reaching a new goal (other than growing my Instagram following), or reading a new book?

Speaking of new books, I was able to read a WHOLE BOOK with my offline time. Have you read Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis? If not, it's a total must-read. If you're not familiar with the book, she basically spells out the lies we tell ourselves and combats them with truth and helpful tips to overcome them, in a cheeky, yet kick-you-in-the-pants-with-truth sort of way. I definitely recommend it. (Bonus points for her also being a fellow Bakersfield babe!)
Aside from having more time to read and reflect, unplugging for a short time was a really good reset. As I've mentioned a lot on Instagram stories, I have been feeling super "off" and stressed over the past few weeks, (I blame you Nordstrom Anniversary Sale).  But going offline brought me back down to earth, and gave me the sense of calm, I hadn't had in a few weeks.
I have a tendency when things get rough to press in and keep pushing through. #workaholicsanonymous And hey...sometimes, that is exactly what you need to do to get through the muck. But other times, pushing through the muck ends up winding you up so much, that your reactiveness could be likened to a rabid pitbull. Can you relate to the latter?

My point is, if you are feeling "off" or stressed or trying to keep up with everything happening around you, sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to step away from whatever it is that is consuming you, in order for you to regain some clarity on the big picture. Only you know what that something is, and if you listen to your body, you'll know exactly what it is that you need to unplug from.
Ok, ok, now onto the outfit. These jeans were one of my favorite purchases from the Nordstrom sale. They sold out quickly, but have been restocked. They fit TTS (despite online reviews that I literally don't understand, because they couldn't be more wrong) and the quality is amazing. I also found them available at Revolve and linked them below, as well.