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Easy To Recreate Fall Work Outfit - With Items You Probably Already Own

It’s true. I have a shopping problem. (Surprise, surprise.) But honestly, I’ve really seen the value in investing in classic and interchangeable basics, lately. Making sure I have pieces that I can easily mix and match, and wear time and time again. More-so, I have loved re-evaluating my closet and shedding the items I really don’t want or need, as well as recreating outfits from pieces I love.

This is one of those outfits. 
Easy To Recreate Work Outfit
I’m still working on creating my capsule wardrobe post for you guys. (It’s a ton of work!) But I can tell you that every closet needs these three items: black work pants that you love, a good chambray shirt, and an oversized blazer.

These three items can be mixed and matched in more ways than I could even think up. But this chic office look, might be my favorite. It says, “Hi. I’m a professional. But wanna grab a glass of wine after 5?” Haha OK, I don’t know if it says that. But whatev. Either way, it’s an easy to recreate work outfit with items you probably already have in your closet.
Oversized Blazer and Chambray Shirt
Easy Fall Work Outfit
Chambray Shirt and Oversized Blazer
Fall Work Outfit With Items You Already Own

All of these pieces have been in my closet for ages, but I’ve found some super similar styles and linked to them below. The pants are an exact match and are currently 40% with code BRGET40.

Fall Reflections

It's starting to feel like fall in more ways than just the turning leaves. Much like the turning of each year, I like to set an intention, as each season changes. I think our bodies move in ways much like the seasons. Spring bring forward new beginnings and the promise of all the goodness Summer has to offer, while Winter brings needed stillness that is always welcomed. Fall prepares us for this coming stillness, and reminds us to let go.
I'm not sure of what you need to let go of.
To me, this season is usually about letting go of my packed schedule. To recharge. To be ok with sitting with myself in the stillness and pressing into the good and holy. To spend more time saying "I'll be there" than "I already have plans". To curl on the couch in the stillness of the night, and not be checking off the next task on the to do list. To sit around the table and break bread with good friends - and good wine.
Welcome fall. I've missed you.

Fall Work Outfit: Skirt + Sweater

I've received a lot of requests from you guys to share work outfits. It's right up there next in line with my requests to create outfits with cozy basics. It seems you guys are just like me and want to look professional by day,  and cute and comfy AF off duty. I get it, girl.

I picked up this skirt on a recent online shopping binge to H&M and absolutely love it for a fall work outfit. It's got a structured waist, but loose fitting (without being bulky) and the perfect length to make it super work appropriate - which is always a huge concern of mine. (There is nothing worse than bending over with fear of showing the goods - am I right?)
Another reason I love this skirt is for its versatility. You can wear it with a white button-up shirt, tucked in, or with any one of your favorite sweaters french tucked in the front.
Skirt and Sweater Work Outfit for Fall
This sweater is a steal for fall, by the way. It's so soft and lightweight,  only $19, and comes in 7 colors. It's such great basic for fall! However, I did find while shooting that it's a little too long in the back to pair with this skirt. I ended up wearing this skirt to work yesterday and pairing it with this cropped Leith sweater I picked up in several colors at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.
Fall Work Outfit
Cute and Easy Work Outfit
French Tuck Sweater Into Skirt
Sweater With Skirt

It's always so fun for me to know what you guys want to see on here, so feel free to drop requests in the comments below!

Shopbop Secret Sale Picks

If you've followed me for a while, you know I love Shopbop and I love nothing more when Shopbop has a sale. Best of all...a secret sale! If you head to the Shopbop site, you won't find any information about the sale. Lucky for you...I've got the insider tip. ;)

Shopbop carries a ton of designer brands like Veronica Beard and Marc Jacobs, but it also carries a lot of my favorite brands that I wear in daily rotation like Madewell, Free People and even Levi. The Shopbop secret sale is the perfect time for to stock up on brands like the latter. And, if you've had your eye on a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots for fall/winter...now is the time to snag them. 

Everything is 20% off with the secret code STOCKUP18. If you spend over $500, you'll get 25% off. I rounded up a few of my favorites below. I know you guys love good everyday basics, so that's what I stuck to. If you plan to shop the Shopbop Sale please click through any one of my links, as I'll get paid a small commission from the sale and it's always appreciated to help keep this blog running!
Drop Waist Dress With OTK Boots
Dress / Boots - currently 40% off with  COZY40 (size up) / Sunnies / Hat - similar  / Bracelet 

I Tried Sculpsure And Here's What Happened

Let's just start by saying I've always struggled with my love handles. Blame it on my affection for sweet treats and wine, or blame it on genetics...I'm not really sure. Either way, it's been my problem area, and a point of insecurity for me for my entire life. I am pretty diligent with my workouts, and keep a well-balanced diet. Still, no matter how hard I tried to shed them, the love handles just stayed. 

I had always heard about body sculpting and had always been curious about if it really worked or not,  but it's a bit of an investment, so I never took the plunge. Like any of us, I really wanted to know that something would work before making that kind of purchase. So when SculptMed Medical Spa in Denver reached out to me about collaborating on one of their medical spa services, I jumped at the opportunity to try body sculpting
Sculpsure Results
Like with anything I write about on here, I want you guys to feel like you can trust my word and that you can lean on me as a resource if you are considering anything from what's the best red lipstick to wear or what microblading is like, and now...my results with Sculpure. It makes me so happy that I have the privilege of trying things like this so that I can be a trustworthy resource to you guys! 

Here's what I learned about body sculpting through my experience and my results. 
CoolSculpting Denver
When it comes to body sculpting, I'm sure many of you have heard about CoolSculpting - the word has become synonymous with body sculpting (kind of like we just say "google" when we talk about searching something on the internet, when there are obviously many other search engine options). ScultpMed actually offers a different body sculpting option called SculpSure, which is much better than CoolScuplting IMO. 

Here's why:

1. Both Cool Sculpting and SculpSure use extreme temperature to change/reduce fat cells, but SculpSure uses heat instead of cold. I've heard when you get done with a Coolsculpting procedure, your skin and fat can feel like an ice block! No thank you! Since SculpSure uses heat, you don't feel a thing when you are done and are back to life as normal.

2. With Coolsculpting, the device is bascially just one big pad that doesn't have the ability to form around your problem area. Sculpsure has several different device pads that can completely conform to you target area, giving you optimal results.

So...I'm sure you guys are dying to know...what were my results? 
Sculpsure Before and After
While I'm not going to share before and afters I can 100% with confidence tell you that I saw great improvement in my stubborn fat around my love handles! I did two treatments, but began to see results a few weeks after the first one. (These photos were taken in San Diego about 5 weeks after my first treatment fyi.)

 I've always felt SO uncomfortable in bikinis because of my love handles. They always seem to pinch and poke in just the right spot, but since getting Sculpsure at SculptMed done, I can totally see an improvement. I wish I would have taken exact measurements before and after, but I can tell you that I for sure know, feel and see a difference. My love handles don't bulge out as bad (or hardly at all) anymore and I even see the difference when I wear form-fitting dresses that I otherwise had to wear Spanx with before.

Sculpsure was 100% non-invasive and effective in removing a large portion of my love handles (or "flanks", as they call them). The whole procedure took about an hour and was fairly comfortable to endure. The device is applying extreme heat to the area, so you can expect it to feel a little uncomfortable at times, but it cycles through from hot to cool to give you a break, so it's totally bearable.

If you are considering body sculpting, I can't recommend SculpSure enough. And, if you are in the Denver area, you have got to to SculptMed medical spa in Denver. They offer a full range of services to include everything from SculpSure to Microblading, Botox and Laser Hair Removal - something I'm thinking of trying out next. SculptMed is graciously offering my readers 20% off all services, if you mention me when booking (the only exclusions to this are injectables and microblading.) You have definitely got to take advantage of this deal!

SculptMed offered me services in exchange for my review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Madewell 25% Off Sale

I know you guys love a good sale, and I just had to share this one. Madewell is having a huge 25% off sale on Fall items, including this colorblock cardigan that  you all loved when I posted on Instagram. It's so soft and dreamy in person, that it was 100% worth the full price, but you should totally snag it while it's 25% off. You won't regret having this in your closet for fall, as it will go with everything!
Cardigan with shorts and booties
Colorblock Caridgan
Linking with Straight A Style

I rounded up a few more of my Madewell sale favorites below.

Cherry Apple Fall Sangria With 14 Hands Wine

* For 21+ only. This post was sponsored by 14 Hand Winery. As always, all opinions are my own.

I can't believe I'm even thinking about talking about fall right now (summer is still here for another week and a half people!), but hey...someone's gotta be looking ahead and preparing us for all the yummy fall libations. #yourewelcome

14 Hands Winery recently sent me their Hot to Trot Smooth Red Blend to try try in honor of their
Run Free Road Trip coming to Denver, and I couldn't help but be inspired to whip up a batch of fall inspired sangria. In an effort to give summer it's proper respect, as we transition into fall, I wanted to come up with a recipe that paired both summer and fall fruits, but also complimented the tasting notes of this great red blend. I immediately thought of ripe summer cherries and crisp fall apples, when I created this yummy Cherry Apple Fall Sangria. The black cherry not only reminds me of summer, but also compliments the black cherry flavor notes in this blend, while the crisp apple flavors lend themselves to the upcoming fall season, while also speaking to the notorious Washington apples that are so prevalent in the region where 14 Hands wine is made.
Cherry Apple Fall Sangria
The Best Fall Sangria

You'll find that a lot of American sangria recipes call for adding sweeteners like brandy or triple sec. You will not find that here. True European sangria doesn't have those add-ins, and I believe that the Europeans were on to something. Instead, I added lemon Italian soda, which adds dimension to this cocktail, without taking away from the flavor of the wine.

Fall Sangria
Cherry Apple Fall Sangria
Cherry Apple Fall Sangria

2 Honeycrisp or Fuji apples - cut into chunks
2 cups pitted frozen cherries
1 bottle 14 Hands Hot to Trot Smooth Red Blend
15 oz lemon Italian Soda
Garnish with cinnamon sticks and orange slices

Combine apples, frozen cherries, wine, and lemon soda in a pitcher. Stir and let sit for at least 4 hours. Serve over ice (optional), and garnish with a cinnamon stick and orange slice in each glass.
Apple Cherry Fall Sangria
14 Hands Winery and I have a ton of fun things on the horizon this week, leading up to Grandoozy (make sure you are following along on Insta.) If you're planning on attending Denver's very first music festival, you have got to meet me at the 14 Hands frosé horse-trailer-turned-wine-bar. Yes, you heard me right! There will be a whole trailer full of frosé! I mean...who cares about The Chainsmokers, when you have that?! Ok, ok...I do. (And,  for the record, I care about you too, Stevie Wonder!) But you can guarantee I'm going to be hanging out with 14 Hands, in between shows. Come say hi! 

If you like this recipe, be sure to pin it!