Leah Behr: Meet Wilson

Meet Wilson

This morning I woke up in a city, with a roof over my head, and a cup of coffee that I "need" to start my day. I showered, I chose an outfit from an assortment of options. I ate Greek yogurt and berries for breakfast, in an attempt to keep my figure. I stopped at Starbucks. I drove in my car to work, where I was greeted with smiling faces, and a bottle of wine (compliments of my wonderful boss.) 

If I could be anywhere in the world right now, it would definitely be somewhere tropical and luxurious.

I live such a comfortable life.

Meet Wilson

Wilson lives in a village in Uganda, where typical houses are consist of dirt floors, adobe walls and sheet roofs. His diet consists of beans, bananas, cassava and sweet potatoes, (and I'm certain that no one even thinks about "their figure.")

Wilson lives in an area where AIDS in prevalent, and has a high rate of exploitation and abuse. Wilson waited 365 days to receive a sponsorship. (This is where we enter.)

Wilson likes soccer and the color red. He draws really well and attends school. He lives with his grandmother and runs errands for his family. Wilson wrote "thank you for choosing me out of the crowd." (Heart-wrenching)

If Wilson could go anywhere in the world, he'd go visit his Aunt in Rukungiri - which is 15km North of his village. (Perspective.) 

Brandon and I are so thrilled to have this little guy be a part of our lives. We write him letters together, and have made a commitment to sponsor him financially for the duration of his childhood/teen years. We hope one day we'll get a chance to meet him. He is a humbling reminder of how blessed we are and how comfortable our lives are. 

We are blessed to be a blessing. This is a small step in that direction. 

Please pray that Wilson's life is blessed with safety and that he flourish and grow to be a mighty man of God, who knows how truly valued and special his life is.

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