Leah Behr: 2 Ingredient Muffins

2 Ingredient Muffins

Yep you heard me. 2 ingredients. Boxed cake mix & a can of pumpkin purée. That's it. No oil, no eggs, no nothing! Okay, well if you're high altitude like me...you can throw in an egg white, but you don't need to if you're living beneath the clouds. :) I had seen this trick many times on Pinterest, but had my doubts. After reading 20 or so "reviews" from various sites, I finally took a leap of faith and gave it a whirl. I also added two Tbsp's of ground flax, just to add a healthy punch to it. You can use any cake mix you want, but I think carrot & pumpkin go really well together so...that's what I choose. 

Of course, I would much prefer to bake all my goodies from scratch, but sometimes...there just aren't enough hours in the day. These are a quick and easy, tried and true, semi-homemade favorite.

1 Box Carrot Cake & 1 15oz Can of Pumpkin

For those who, like me, have to "see it to believe it..." look how well it blends!

Bake the "cupcakes" as the box directs. These are SO incredibly moist, and best of all...only about 90 calories per muffin. At one point, I had some leftover crumb topping in freezer that I topped the muffins with before baking.

These bad boys are the perfect addition to your morning cup!

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