Leah Behr: Everything's Just Peachy!

Everything's Just Peachy!

My mom and I acquired a case of peaches from  my boyfriend's parents and spent last Saturday in the kitchen, peeling & "peaching" away! We set out to make Peach Butter, & Peach Preserves and our mission was accomplished! Here are some photos from our day. 

First You've Gotta Soak In Water & Get the Fuzzies Off
The Peeling Begins!
I Will Back One Day & Cherish This Photo & These Hands
Mama can peel a whole peach in one string. I, on the other hand, fail miserably at this task. This became a joke between us, and this is my mom showing off her skills. LOL She said this was a childhood game for her, and once the fruit of choice was completely peeled, they'd toss the peel on the ground and whatever letter shape the peel landed on, would be the first initial of the man you would one day marry. (I used to play a similar game by twisted the stem off an apple.... "Girls")
Peeled & Quartered & Ready to be Jammed!
Recipe from an Old School Ball Blue Book

Channeling Our Inner Paula Deen, These Bad Boys Were Ready to be Buttered

Careful Measuring

Some Super Flattering Photos From the Day

Once They Start to Soften, Start Mashing Em' Down for Preserves

Short Cut For Making Your Own Pectin
Caramelizing Beautifully
A Little Spillage Calls For The Sure Fire "Blowing Method" lol
Peach Butter on the Left & Peach Jam on the Right
Well, there you have it. Not only was this a great day spend with my mama, but I actually learned a thing or two about canning. This art has escaped so many people of our generation, and although I'm not so sure that I'll be making a hobby of this, atleast I can say I've tried. :)

We used some form of a recipe off of an old school Kerr (or Ball Blue Book) my mom has along with the instructions on a sure-jell box. I'm sure you could do a basic Google search to find a peach butter & peach preserves recipe, but the jam recipe found here is pretty much identical play by play of the recipe/steps we used. Similar recipe for peach skin butter can be found here, but I recommend just buying Ball Blue Book Guide, full of tried and true recipes, to have on hand for all your future canning needs.

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