Leah Behr: Harvest Mix

Harvest Mix

So...I'm trying to get in the habit of baking something every Sunday throughout Fall. I have come to the conclusion that Autumn gets gypped, and I'm not down with that! 

It's true! Even though Winter doesn't officially start until December 21st, we all know Christmas season kicks in the day after Thanksgiving and then it's all about eggnog and Santa and less about pumpkins and pilgrims (not that I ever really think too much about pilgrims...but you get the point ;)

That being said, I'm trying my best to take full advantage of Pumpkin, Pecan, Apple & Chai Spiced baked goods this season, and have challenged myself to baking something every Sunday. Last Sunday, I was tied up spending the day shopping with my niece, so I took the easy way out and compiled this little Autumn Snack Mix. I've seen alot of variations of "Fall Snack mix" and "Scarecrow Crunch" out there, but if you know me...you know I had to switch it up! These flavors worked best for me and I think you'll really enjoy them too! (Not the fanciest of baked goods, but everybody at the office seemed to really enjoy it.)

What you'll need:

2 4ox Boxes of Reese's Pieces
1 Box Crunch n' Munch
1 Bag of Candy Corn
1/2 Box of Quaker Cinnamon Oat Squares (boy are these tasty)
1/2 Bag of Bugles 
1/2 Box of Peanut Butter Mini Ritz

Mix & Voila!

Just the right touch of Salty & Sweet!

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