Leah Behr: Cinnamon Swirl Cupcakes & A Mum-Kin

Cinnamon Swirl Cupcakes & A Mum-Kin

Tuesday was my fiance's birthday (love saying that) so...I skipped the Fall themed baking this week and made my man something he'd love for his special day....  

Cinnamon Swirl Cupcakes! 

These semi-homemade treats are sooooo super yummy and super easy to make! You can find the recipe here. 

Pinterest Trick That works: Preheat your oven to 350, then reduce to 325 for 25 minutes til done. Cupcakes will come out with the perfect little muffin tops! (I had to reduce cook time to 330, but I really think that's just because Bran's oven is old and inaccurate.) 

In addition to these cupcakes, Bran and I made a Mum-kin! The perfect fall addition to his front porch! We got a "funkin" from Hobby Lobby and cut the top out and plopped a pretty little Mum inside. (Side note: These are ridiculously expensive! Thank goodness they had a 40% off sale on Fall decor. AND btw...If you ever find something you want at Hobby Lobby that's not on sale, go to their site and print off their 40% off coupon. It's always available to use on one regularly priced item. *Just a lil FYI*)

Flashing That Ring Again 'Cuz It's Just So Purdy!


  1. i love the mum-kin! that's adorable. i'd love to have a few on our front porch.

    1. You should! It really does add a special touch!


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