Leah Behr: Pecan Pie "Muffins"

Pecan Pie "Muffins"

Don't you just hate when you're trying to whip up a yummy treat for guests and then overcook them? Yeah...that happened. FAIL!

The first batch I made at Brandon's were cooked perfectly, but the 2nd batch I made at my mom's for some visiting family, well...that's a different story. I forgot to look at the timer and pulled them out of the oven only to discover an hour later that they had set themselves into fragrant little hockey pucks packaged inside pretty little muffin cups.

So...back to the batch at Brandon's..

Overall they have an AMAZING flavor. I'm just not crazy about their texture. Perhaps its the preconceived notion I have about what a "muffin" should be like. (Fluffy, moist & light.) Which, these certainly are not. They are dense and gooey, with crispy tops. My aunt reminded me that Pecan Pie is gooey, which would make sense as to why these "Pecan Pie Muffins" come out that way. (Duh!)

Anyway, they really do taste amazing so I think I will give them another try. (I bet they would go wonderfully in a big bowl of vanilla ice cream!) Who knows..I could have easily messed something up! My mind was elsewhere all morning as a result of some real stand-up guy busting out my windshield looking for something to take out of my car. (I assume it was a man because I had quite a cute pair of stems in my backseat that were left untouched.)

I think taste alone makes this recipe worth a try, so I'm going to share it. Besides, it's only 5 ingredients!

Here's the recipe: Pecan Pie Muffins 

Let me know if you try it and if it works out better for you!

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