Leah Behr: Prayer For My Future Husband

Prayer For My Future Husband

I came across this prayer, while reading a chapter on "Loving Your Husband" from the book/study "Apples of Gold." I love it, and it spoke so deeply to me. I wanted to share it so that everyone could get the opportunity to pray this for their husband (or, in my case, future husband,) too.

Author of love, thank You for the mate you You have given to me. He is precious to me, and I want our marriage to be pleasing to You. Help me, Father, to delight in my husband, to desire to please him, and to give him my love and affection freely.
Keep me from the sins of the world: the staggering amount of sexual sin that is around me. Give me a deep desire to be pure in my relationship to You and to my husband.
And give me words of love daily, Lord. Help me speak the language of love to my husband, so that his desire will always be for me alone.
Thank You, Lord, that You created marriage, and that You want to help me live for You. I ask this in Your son's precious name, Amen.  

Ladies, I pray we all pray fervently for our marriages, that our relationship with our husbands only fall second to our relationship with God.  

1 John 4:12
No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God abides in us and his love is perfected in us. 

By the way... I'll take this view with my morning cup ANYDAY. (I say that now, but come January I'll be over the whole "White Christmas" thing & dreaming of sunnier days all over again.)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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