Leah Behr: Ooey Gooey Itty Bitty Cinni Mini's

Ooey Gooey Itty Bitty Cinni Mini's

Even though everything in me wanted to continue experimenting and baking with pumpkin, this weekend I decided to give something else a try for those of you who may feel as though pumpkin is played out. (For the rest of you...not to worry, I'm sure it will be making an appearance here again soon!)

There are few things better in this world, than cinnamon sugar. So obviously waking up on a cold snowy morning with warm cinnamon rolls baking away in the oven, is pretty up there too...so these sounded perfect. Plus they are itty bitty, so I assumed my self control would allow me only one to taste and make sure they weren't poison. (I was wrong.)

Ready to go in!

Out of the oven, before they get flipped.

Some of them did not last long enough to snap a picture

The original recipe is here, via good ol' taste of home: Original Recipe

I would use less of the corn syrup/brown sugar, caramel mixture next time though, as the center ones were a little too ooey gooey. They're super easy though, so hopefully you get to give them a go next time you are in the mood for a decadent breakfast treat! :)

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