Leah Behr: Chinese Take Out & Toffee Crunch Delight

Chinese Take Out & Toffee Crunch Delight

Heeellllo December! The most wonderful time of year is here and it's time to pull out some of my favorite family recipes! :)
Throughout the Harvest season, I did a lot of experimenting with my baking, and tried new (to me) recipes weekly. I had a lot of fun doing that, and found some that I will never do again, (see here) and others that I will incorporate annually. For example: Click Here :)

Now that Christmas time is here, we all know that part of what makes Christmas so darn special is the tradition and the MEMORIES! 

I don't know about you, but many of my memories are directly linked to my TASTE BUDS :) Sooo...I'm busting out of my personal favorite, tried and true, Wilson Family Holiday Baked Goods to share with all of you

Ever since my fabulous Aunt Lisa brought these delightful little treats into my life, Christmas just isn't the same without them. Being that she is back home in California, and I am in my new home in Colorado, I haven't had them in years! That is, until now. :)

(I have to admit, it took me 2 tries this year, to get it right, but....I DID!)

My first attempt/batch burned while I was decorating the Christmas Tree. I even had the timer set, but you've got to keep an eye on these things! (The second they start to turn a golden brown color PULL THEM OUT!)

Just like any candy, timing is of the essence! But if you mess up the first time, dust yourself off and try, try again! Despite my discouragement, that's what I did, and I got it down. :) (Besides, the ingredients are super cheap, so it's not like your going to break the bank by giving it another go!)

So...without further ado...here's my  

Aunt Lisa's Toffee Crunch Delight! 

Spray cookie sheet with cook spray then line with Saltines- I like to break them up (for a 12x17 sheet, I used 2 sleeves of saltines. Using 3 sleeves is too much for a cookie sheet this size. You want the the sheet to be fully covered, but not too dense)
Melt 2 cups butter
Add 1 cup sugar to the butter, until it melts. 
Stir while boiling 3 minutes over low/medium heat.
Pour over crackers.
Bake at 400% for 15 minutes or until golden brown (won't take 15 minutes - keep an eye on them after 10 minutes and REMOVE AS SOON AS THEY TURN GOLDEN BROWN)
Remove from Oven
Pour 16 oz Semi-sweet chocolate chips and smooth. 
Sprinkle with Sliced almonds.
Refrigerate over night. Break into bite sized pieces.

(Side note-My Aunt said this is not her personal creation, but she originally got the recipe from a co-worker. That's the great thing about recipes though. They are meant to be shared and enjoyed, and now it's become a Christmas staple in our family. Whoever you are out there, a very BIG THANK YOU!)

Oh, and you know that tree I mentioned we were decorating?!   

Here's the Before:

As You Can See, Ol' Santi Clause Got A Lil Tipsy on EggNog
But With A Little Help From The Trusty "Christmas" Tongs ;)
We Got Ol Santi Taken Care of and...

Here's the After: 
 As my sweet Granny Wilson would have said, "it's the prettiest tree I've ever seen."

Every year, for as long as I can remember, we have spent the 1st Sunday of December, decorating my parents tree. We order Chinese take out, trim the tree, and listen to Christmas music, while daddy plays the piano & I sing along. My Granny Wilson would always come watch us, and we keep her in spirit each year with this: 

What are some of your Christmas traditions?


  1. this is so sweet! you're so right, it's all about the traditions and memories. and now that you're getting married, you and your hubby get to make your own!
    p.s. yes! on getting together soon! seriously haha

    1. Trust me girl, I can't wait to start some of our own. I still really thrive on the family traditions though, so finding the balance will be interesting :)

      and YES, we do need to get together. Bran and I have been wanting to check out this new 80's bar/arcade downtown. Let me know if that sounds like something you and Ryan would be into and we can try to get something planned!


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