Leah Behr: Valentine's Ideas For Her

Valentine's Ideas For Her

What Do Women Want? Well...here you have it.  

(atleast, what THIS woman wants, and it's safe to say that yours probably wants something along the same lines)

Here are my top picks for:

1. Pick her out a cute outfit and take her out! A girl likes loves a man to take charge and PLAN a date. By purchasing an outfit, and leaving her a note to tell her when to be ready, you are BOLDLY showing her that you have invested some serious thought into your date. If you are strapped for cash, just pick out an outfit from her closet that's appropriate for whatever restaurant/venue your attending, and leave that cute little note along side. The element of surprise ALONE still makes this gestures swoon-worthy!

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2. If your girl loves to cook, find a cooking class in your area, grab your apron and channel your inner chef boyardee! Bran and I actually recently did a cooking class together and really enjoyed sharing the new experience! Another great option is to head to an Olive Oil store in your local area, and taste different oils and balsalmics together. A gift set from a local spice shop is also a wonderful THOUGHTFUL gift, if your girl genuinely likes to stir things up in the kitchen. (Use your inner judgement here though, because for some girls...this is a complete no-no.)

3. If you just started dating - Check out local painting and wine parlors in your area. I tried this out recently, and although I am not an artist AT ALL, I absolutely LOVED IT! This would be the PERFECT first date, because you are actually DOING something, so there wouldn't be all that dreaded awkward silence. (There might even be a couple's themed painting, due to the Holiday so call around & see what's available!)

4. Strapped for cash? Plan an in-home picnic. The key here is to THINK AHEAD! Lay a blanket on the floor, light some candles, grab a 10 dollar bottle of wine, a single rose, and some inexpensive chocolates (even chocolate covered strawberries are sold for cheap at your local supermarket)

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Have this all waiting for her, when she arrives home and she will really feel the love! A simple card and/or rose on her seat when she leaves for work in the morning, would be a WONDERFUL gesture. (If you aren't strapped for cash, she would also love this! Maybe lay some rose petals on the floor, cook a lovely meal, rent a chick flick-aka anything by Nicolas Sparks)

No matter what you are into, just remember, that it truly is THE THOUGHT that counts. You don't have to spend a ton of money, or buy fancy jewelry. Just show your girl that you care enough about her, to think ahead and have a game plan. Even if you show your girl these types of gestures & love on a regular basis (which you should,) Valentine's Day is NOT an exempt day - no matter what your belief is about it being a "stupid commercialized holiday." All her friends will ask her what you did, all her co-workers, family, etc. & she we be embarrassed & hurt (admittingly or not) if you do nothing. Just a little piece of advice!

So boys, what have we learned? 

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  1. this is great! esp the part about valentine's day not being an exempt holiday. i totally agree... why NOT show the love?!


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