Leah Behr: Wear Wednesday: The Boyfriend Sweater

Wear Wednesday: The Boyfriend Sweater

But if your boyfriend wore THIS sweater...I'd be concerned... 

The "Boyfriend Sweater" refers to an oversized (boyfriend sized) sweater that creates a perfect union of cute & casual. The style is a nod at the borrowed items that women have been donning straight from their men's closets for years. But, like I said, if your boyfriend had this sweater...his closet might not be so straight. ;)

Pair with some leggings and flats, and you are good to go! This is a great weekend look for running errands, or bustling around the house.

Here are some great picks for boyfriend sweaters, in various styles to suit multiple desires.

1. ASOS         2. FOREVER21 
3. J.CREW    4. BOOHOO


  1. love this! i've practically been living in long layers and leggings given my normal pants don't fit and i'm not inclined to buy maternity pants because really, they're just fugly.
    i'm tempted to get a few long sweaters now!

  2. Nice collection for winters http://desertleather.com


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