Leah Behr: Wear Wednesday: Feelin' Minty Fresh!

Wear Wednesday: Feelin' Minty Fresh!

One day, as I was checking out J's (from JsEverydayFashion) post on Mint Skinny's, I immediately decided that I NEEDED THIS OUTFIT! I mean, really, how cute does she look?! She informed me that hers were from Forever21, and seeing as how we do not have one here, I was certain I'd have to guess my size and order them online.

Later that day, I stopped into Marshall's to pick up some home goods and these mint skinny's and lace ivory top immediately popped up on my radar. I couldn't believe it. It was CLEARLY a sign from the shopping gods...so, of course, I purchased them.

As a side note, I would just like to mention how much Target has seriously stepped their accessory game up! I scored both the necklace and earrings from there, and am so impressed with the quality and array of available styles in their jewelry department. You go Targ├ęt! ;)

What do you think about this look? Are Mint Jeans on your Spring fashion wishlist?
Mint Skinny's Marshall's: similar, similar
Lace Top Marshall's: similar, similar, similar, similar
Necklace Target: exact
Earrings Target: exact
Shoes TjMaxx: exact


  1. I love J's blog! I saw this outfit too and have been on the hunt for some mint shinnies! Your look is just as cute as hers, love it!


    1. Yes, J's is the best! Thank you so much for your sweet comment, too! I just saw another set in Marshall's that were adorable, so keep your eyes peeled ;)


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