Leah Behr: Wear Wednesday: Spring Maxi

Wear Wednesday: Spring Maxi

Not quite sure how this happened, but this was the only picture that I took on Easter. Crazy, I know.
That's my mom :)
Remember my post last week and how I was all bundled up in the snow? Well here I am, less than 6 days later wearing a spring time maxi. Oh, Colorado and your ever changing and unpredictable weather patterns... sigh...

No complaints here though. We were completely blessed by the amazing weather and the time spent with family and friends. 
I picked this dress up while shopping with my mom this last weekend in Denver. 
 (The Proof)

I originally bought it with intentions to save it for the honeymoon, but the warm weather just begged it to be worn for the beautiful resurrection day we had. It seems I was just in the mood for apricot this week, as the apricot top matched my appetite for apricot pie, perfectly. (post with recipe from earlier in the week here)  What did you wear for Easter?

Dress: here
Shoes: similar
Necklace in 2nd Photo: here

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