Leah Behr: The Real Housewife of Colorado Springs

The Real Housewife of Colorado Springs

It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted a recipe or did a "Wear Wednesday," but it's been with good reason. 

Reason #1:
 - Wedding Season is upon us, which means my weekends have filled up with bridal showers and weddings

Reason #2:
- MY wedding season is upon us, which means finalizing last minute details. (Venue walk through's, alterations, floral appointments, etc.)

Reason #3: (and most notable in regard to the previous weeks) 
- We're moving! Well, I am atleast. Bran is still finishing out his lease until the end of June, but we found a house that we immediately fell in love with so we jumped on the opportunity to make it ours.


   This Adorable Little Gem

It really is exactly what we envisioned: beautiful refinished hardwood, 10+ ceilings, updated fixtures, neutral interior paint, beautiful 8 inch trim, covered front porch, fenced backyard, updated kitchen,  updated bathroom with double vanity, blocks away from our church and all our favorite restaurants, and -most importantly- ENOUGH CLOSET SPACE FOR ALL OF MY CLOTHES & SHOES! Hallelujah!

We've got enough of the basics for me to be living there now, but it'll be slim pickins' until after the wedding. As you can see...

With our big day around the corner, we figure we'll just wait til after the wedding to really make it "homey" Not to mention, Bran still has most of his furniture in his current house, but it's nice to at least start to get settled and not have to rush "the move" into one weekend. Slowly but surely, we will get there!

Here's a moodboard I created last night to help create our vision for the interior decor.

How cute are pillow, leaf tray and vase from Target? (Really Target...I love you.) I'm already working on making the drapes and everything else will come in due time. I'm looking forward to soon becoming a real housewife and making our house a home!

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  1. I'm really excited to see your before and afters of your home once you get it decorated! My bf and I are moving in together too and I've been a maniac at looking at decorating ideas!

    1. Hi Chelsea, thanks for stopping by! How exciting for you! Keep me posted!

  2. love your house! i'm inviting myself over to come see it soon :) haha... putting a home together is such a joy, i'm so excited for you two!

    1. I would love that, Chelsea!! Come by anytime!

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