Leah Behr: My New Drank

My New Drank

Recently I was introduced to this refreshing little gem of a juice recipe and I became immediately hooked! You might think "fennel and pear? that's it?" and that may not sound too good to you. (Trust me, I'm with ya.) I'm not at all a black licorice kind of girl. But this...this I am all about!

Then I started to research on all the wonderful benefits of fennel, particularly related to gastrointestinal issues and, being a victim of all sorts of tummy trauma, I am now completely sold! Fennel aids in digestion, reduces inflammation of stomach and intestines, facilitates proper absorption of nutrients from the food and helps prevents formation of gas in the intestinal tract. It is also a metabolic enhancer and an appetite suppressant. Need I go on?! Fennel also increases urination, helping to remove toxic substances from the body and helps “break up” fat deposits in the bloodstream. Fennel blocks both inflammation and the transformation of pretty regular cells into ugly cancerous cells. The benefits go on and on!

Pair it up with some pears and you have an absolutely delightful refreshment!

Refreshing Fennel & Pear Juice

2 small fennel bulbs (or 1 lg)
2 pears

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