Leah Behr: Favorite Things

Favorite Things

1. This Chair: I bought this chair in an adorable store in Breckenridge, CO called Ruby Jane. It came in a matching tote bag, and I am completely obsessed with it. It has proven to be the perfect morning escape to crawl into with my morning cup, bible, or latest issue of 5280 - while letting my Mr. catch some extra zzzz's.

2: My husband: We just received our wedding pics back and we haven't yet sifted through all 889 of them...but I came across this and it is by far my all time favorite picture of Brandon. This was taken as I was walking down the aisle. Every girl deserves a guy to look at her like this. (please excuse me while I grab a tissue)

3: This song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPKAwJKGSDc

Empire of the Sun has always been our go-to band (and Pandora station) for lake trips, barbecues, and pretty much all those times when no other background music seems to fit. Watch out for these guys. I've got a feeling this Australian electronic duo is about to burst BIG TIME on the scene.

4. My new "Wifey" Sweatshirt, by ILY Couture - Me and this whole "marriage" thing are totally having a moment right now, and this sweatshirt perfectly showcases that!

 5. This quote:
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6. All of you! Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my day with me. Go out and be lovely today!


  1. love this, what a fun post! it's funny, i have a post in my drafts titled "the way you look at me" that's a picture of ryan when i was walking down the isle! we are such twins :)

    keep these kinds of posts coming, they're great!


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