Leah Behr: Wear Wednesday: Shredded Sweater

Wear Wednesday: Shredded Sweater

As I'm sure you have heard on the news, Colorado has been experiencing a bit of rain lately. Fortunately, my area in particular wasn't affected as much as those that have been so devastatingly affected in other areas of the state. (Praise God for that and prayers to the affected communities) Here...it just simply rained, and rained, and rained, and rained, for nearly 1 week straight. The sun poked it's head out enough for me to snap a few shots this weekend, but the cool temps still allowed for a sneak peak into my fall wardrobe. I came across this shredded sweater {trend alert} back in August, and instantly made it mine. Oversized sweaters are my thing, and this one proves no different.

Jumping for joy for a break in the rain!

Sweater: Eve's Revolution (local boutique similar, similar, similar
Jeans: Eve's Revolution (local boutique) similar
Boots: LuLu's here , similar (on sale) , similar (splurge)

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