Leah Behr: Shoes-Day Tuesday

Shoes-Day Tuesday

I've had my eye on these beauties booties for about a month now, but they were sold out of my size at Sole Society in the original color I wanted, so I just dismissed them. Then when we were in Vail a few weekends ago, I saw the similar Rag & Bone version at a boutique, and loved them - but not the price tag. I loved them so much though, that I tracked down these bootie-ful babes over at Nordstrom's, IN MY SIZE. YAY!! I am loving ankle booties right now, and these one's are HOT! Have you jumped on the bootie-bandwagon yet?


  1. I love those booties!! I love all booties... The Rag and Bone ones are gorgeous. I must see if SS has my size...


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