Leah Behr: 9 Things

9 Things

1. This Pine Cone Garland Will Go Perfectly With My Christmas Scheme 

2. The side I'll be bringing to the Thanksgiving table this year

5. Having serious Cali withdrawals at the moment. #homesick

               6. What I'm Reading

7. Incredible historic pictures realistically colorized. << Check it out!

        8. New Tradition?
                    9. Mistletoe. Like, Now.             

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!
I fully intend to make good use of my Netflix account this weekend, seeing as how every weekend after this (until the new year) is jam packed with festive activities. Preparatory R & R is in order!

What are you doing? 


  1. OK I have multiple things 1. That pinecone garland is super cute and I want to do that. 2. I love those shoes. 3. Tell me how you like Blog, Inc! I have been thinking about ordering it! 4. That Mistletoe print is soo cute! Have a great relaxing weekend!


    1. You crack me up Nikki! Ok, so...

      1. I def plan on doing the garland too & would love to see yours! 2. Me too :) 3. Blog, Inc >> love it & recommend it! 4. I know, right?!

      Have a fab weekend! xoxo


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