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Beauty Bag

So I know that being into fashion and hair/beauty are kind of supposed to go hand in hand, but I have a confession to make: I am THE WORST when it comes to hair and makeup! Thank goodness I have naturally curly hair because I am terrible at curling my own! Like no joke. There are only two options for me when it comes to styling my own hair: 1 and 2. I should also mention there is the occasional top knot, which....confession #2: is usually a good indication that I haven't washed my hair that morning. #sorrynotsorry
Not to mention that anytime I try to get creative with my eye shadow, I end up looking like a total drag queen! That being said, I don't venture out too far from my tried and true products. I don't spend a lot on beauty/hair products, because (as Carrie Bradshaw would say) I like my money where I can see it...hanging in my closet. 
Fortunately, I have found some drugstore products to be my tried and true! I do see the value in a good blush though, and splurge a little when it comes to shampoo/conditioner, but for me it's really all about a balance between the two.

That being said, I'm open to suggestions! What am I missing out on? 
What beauty products can you just not live without? 
Check out what's in my beauty bag and tell me what's in yours!

Beauty Faves


  1. I feel the same way about my hair! I'm actually pretty good at make-up so people assume that I can do hair as well...NOT the case! Luckily mine is naturally curly too so it's either down and curly or up in a messy bun :)

  2. You have the BEST hair--you are so lucky it looks like that naturally--totally jelly :) I haven't tried a BB Cream--but have def. been wanting to! I also love anything by Stila--a little pricey but worth it and doesn't make me break out!


  3. Haha! I am the same way with eyeshadow - I've given up. I can't live without eyeliner either but you have my other basics down!

  4. I use that same Nars blush and Rimmel bronzer (in the summer only)! I'm also a fan of BB creams and tried like six different ones before finding the right one: Smashbox Camera Ready BB in light.

  5. I. Hear. You. Girl. I am the WORST at hair/makeup! The Rimmel London Bronzer has also been one of my favs throughout the years. I recently switched to Hoola from Ulta though and love it!

    Because I'm Obsessed

  6. Unpopular opinion, but I personally love Nars multiples more than their blush! Also- thank you for stopping by my linkup today :))


  7. Oh I am a hoarder of the beauty product variety! I love Too Faced matte bronzer, and their BB cream with a hint of highlighter in a fav also. Smashbox hydrating primer has my heart forever as well.

  8. I love Nars' orgasm in everything... It's my favorite colored lip gloss!


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