Leah Behr: Taking Stock

Taking Stock

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I've seen this around before but never participated. I realize I've been really slacking on the "life" part of my life + style blog, so last Sunday as I was having my morning cup, I decided to join in the fun and filled out the rest thoughout the week.  I'm currently back home in Cali visiting friend + family, so I thought it would make for a fun post while I was in transit.

Cooking: Steel Cut Oats & Cinnamon Toast.
Drinking: Coffee, and lots of it!
Reading: Living Life Undaunted. 365 Readings and Reflections from Christine Caine
Wanting: for very little and feeling very blessed for that.
Looking: forward to seeing my nephews this weekend!
Playing: Hillsong station on Pandora.
Wishing:  I were done with school.
Enjoying:  warm sunny days.
Liking: my yoga time.
Wondering: how God is using me right now.
Loving: my life.
Hoping: to pass my RE exam!
Marveling: at His grace.
Needing: to start studying!
Smelling: petichor. 
Wearing: classic pieces. {can't get enough of basic T's right now!}
Following: Christ, always. 
Noticing: that my hands have aged dramatically over that past few years!! #wrinkles
Knowing: who I am and feeling peace with that.
Thinking: about going for a jog.
Feeling: loved.
Bookmarking: aka Pinteresting {all the time}
Opening: up my heart to new friends. 
Giggling: always with my husband. 
Feeling: grateful. always grateful.


  1. So fun :) Hillsong United is just the best--I love their music!


  2. Hope you had a great weekend!


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