Leah Behr: Life Of A Realtor

Life Of A Realtor

Not sure if I ever got around to telling you all, but I PASSED my Real Estate exam a few weeks back! (Phew!) I'm totally relieved to have that out from under me, and can now focus on the job at hand. I've been in Real Estate for the past 5 years, so it's not as much of a "new job" as it is of a "job title transition." The biggest change for me though, is that now that I am out from behind the desk all day, I've got to step up my work-wear-game. Luckily, I enjoy professional attire just as much as I love my after hours gear.

By the way - I've been on the hunt for some Silver pumps for a while now, and recently came across these ones from ALDO that I just love. They're currently on sale for less than $30, so I just had to share!


Mango Blouse  // Express Satchel (on sale!)
Aldo Heel (in 6 colors &Only $27!) // Quilted Pencil Skirt


  1. Congratulations!!!! I've always thought that would be a fun career choice... helping people start their lives or start over somewhere new!


  2. Congratulations girl! Cannot wait to see your looks!

  3. Congrats! And holy crap I NEED that skirt!!
    Carylee | morepeicesofme.com


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