Leah Behr: My Christmas Wish

My Christmas Wish

I came across this sweater at H&M the other day, and had to scoop it up to add to my growing pile of Christmas sweaters. There's just something about the Holiday that begs for tacky cheeky sweaters to be worn. And while it's fun to kid, and pretend that I really want it all this Christmas, the truth is that my Christmas list is much more simple. 

I try to keep it light on the blog, and not get too serious - which aligns well with who I am in real life.  I tend to save my deep conversation, and realest moments, with a small select group of friends. I just choose to share the good (and the fun) most of the time, because there's enough darkness in this world, as it is. I choose not to add to that darkness. I choose light.  That being said, it seems strange that so many people "follow" me, without having a glimpse into who I truly am. Because of that, I thought I would share a few of my true Christmas wishes with you.

1. Spread the joy - It's amazing what spreading a little joy can do for others, and for yourself. A friendly smile at a stranger, taking the time to hold the door open for someone, or even extending a compliment to a passerby. It really is the little things, that cause the most lasting ripple effects, in this big pond we call life.

2. Strive for contentment, not perfection - In this day and age of social media, it's easy to get caught up and consumed with the feeling of wanting more or feeling inadequate in light of perfectly staged instagram photos, or people that seem to have or do it all. Truth is, we all have our shit. NOBODY is perfect. There's always going to be someone that is better than you at something, just like there's always going to be something you are better at than someone. Know your strengths, and weaknesses, and accept them. You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

3. Intentionality - Let's all be intentional with one another! Pursue the people in your life that enrich it, and make attempts to get to know people on a heart level. Friendships are so much harder to develop when you're an adult, but if someone is adding joy to your life, make it a point to get to know them. Also, don't give up on the friends that need you to pursue them. We all go through different seasons, and "we all need somebody to lean on." 

4. Learn each other's love language and speak it - Knowing and speaking each other's love language adds so much depth and beauty to our relationships. Learn how your friends and family like to give and receive love, so that you can love them well. As we prepare for the ultimate gift-giving season, let us remember that some may cherish the gift of time, or words of encouragement, more than a package wrapped in pretty paper and bows. Let's learn each other's love language and speak them, as we aim toward peace and joy, this Holiday season, and always. 

Lastly, have yourselves a merry little Christmas. <3


  1. I love this! Intentionality definitely hit me the hardest. Have a very Merry Christmas Leah:)


  2. Love your Christmas wish and that sweater is amazing! Have a very merry christmas!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  3. That sweater is H&M?! Brilliant find.

    Happy holidays, Leah! Hope you have a great one, lady.
    xx H

  4. You always look stunning! Such an inspiration! :)Looks lovely there! Your outfits are perfect too; very seasonal and classy! :)

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