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Class Pass

Today I have a very special guest post for you, by my dear friend Gabrielle! Gabrielle stepped in on my behalf, for a membership program that recently came to Denver called Class Pass. For $99/month, CP gives you access to a plethora of fitness studios in your area! Be sure to check their site out, as they are in a number of cites - and keep growing! As I mentioned, they just arrived in Denver, and being that I'm about 45 minutes South of city, it made more sense for Miss Gabs to try out the program. Read on for her amazing review! 

It's safe to say that Denver scored big this year! We rolled in the new year and rolled out the red carpet for Class Pass. Until I was offered the opportunity to become a month long member with Class Pass I had no idea what it was. I've now joined the sweaty side and I intend on staying here! 

With Class Pass I was working out like a ballerina at Pure Barre on Monday, a yogi at Kindness Yoga studio on Wednesday and by Friday I kicked ass cycling at Endorphin Studio. And that was only my first week!! 

Muscle confusion keeps your body guessing and Class Pass is the perfect venue to begin this kind of workout lifestyle. It is crucial to challenge yourself with your workouts. Try to not stick to the same exercises each day. Running on a treadmill is great but if you are doing the same routine every day you will start to plateau and not see the results that you are working so hard for!
So to get that muscle confusion in motion I'm sharing my top picks, so far, for studios offered to Denver Class Pass holders.

I have never taken a more relaxing, challenging, encouraging, sweaty Hot Yoga class as I did at Kindness Yoga! I would not consider myself a well practiced Yogi, I have taken several classes but have not yet made it apart of my regular exercises, but I felt equipped to be successful in this class. One of the main attributes to this was the incredible teacher; she pushed us and would help adjust our bodies so we were getting the best stretch we could. At the end of the class, with the lights dimmed, she sang a traditional Indian hymn..and it was beautiful.  She sadly has left the studio for a two month long journey in India, although when she returns I will be the first one to my mat, Namaste to her. To date the best yoga class I have ever taken! 

Talk about a hott mess! I sweat more cycling than I have in any other cardio class, and I loved it! I took one cycle class in college like a billion years ago so it's safe to say I was slightly nervous to hop on that bike and peddle. The great thing about cycling is that one: they play the most upbeat rockin music that makes you want to push it, two: you follow the teacher but you can also go at your own speed and three: everyone else in the class is there to get an extremely effective ass woopin' just like you so they're not busy checking you out and comparing. Endorphin is a must!

This class had me stretching and moving my body in ways I didn't even know were possible. The low impact isometric moves allow you to get a total body workout and target different problem areas. And don't fear, the "shakes" your body experiences are completely normal; you're pushing your muscles to feel fatigued and that is when the real magic happens! So when you're taking this class don't give up, push through the shakes and allow your body a nice long stretch sesh afterward; it will thank you. 

These are just a few of the many studios Class Pass gives you access to, so grab your tennis, a cute tank and bottoms that you feel confident in, and get your sweat on girl!

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