Leah Behr: 9 Things

9 Things

So...it's May. How the hell did that happen?! Take a second to let that sink in and then escape from that scary reminder that yet another year is flying by with the latest edition of 9 Things.

1. If you're not wearing these lip crayons, you don't know what your lips are missing. 

2. Tips for making standing in heels for bearable.

3. This refreshing drink is so good for you!

4. This adorable home hasn't changed in 72 years, and it's perfect!

5. Hallie's kick ass tips for conquering social media, over on C + C.

6. Fun Mother's Day idea for mom.

7. On a mission to make 2015 my most organized year yet, and starting with these tips.

8. Summer's around the corner and these blueberry breeze coolers are calling my name

9. Dress up old flower pots with this fun DIY.


  1. Seriously so many great links I need to go back to!!! Thanks for sharing girl and happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I seriously can't believe it's May already!!! Time truly flies!

  3. This little photo collage to show off the stories you linked is such a cute and creative idea! I'm also heading to read several of these right away.
    Have a great weekend!



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