Leah Behr: Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is just a week away, and I'm guessing that you (like me) still haven't gotten your mom anything. Not to worry though, I've got the ultimate Mother's Day gift guide below.

This Mother's Day is particularly special to me, as we recently had a health scare with my mama. (Spoiler alert: I'm about to get vulnerable) 

My mom has been battling a series of health issues for the past 10 years, one of which is polycystic liver syndrome - meaning she has over 100 cysts on her liver. Due to her other health complications, she hasn't been able to have surgery to drain/remove these cysts, so she's just had to live with the discomfort. Recently we learned that the cysts are so large that they are pushing against her vital organs, including her heart and right lung (her right lung is almost entirely collapsed), which has obviously caused difficulty with her breathing. At this point, the liver specialist is recommending something be done. Due to her being a high risk candidate for surgery, he intends to do as little as possible and will be going over options with her within the next couple of weeks.   We have her covered in prayer, and we feel confident that this will bring her comfort and healing, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared. 

So, all things considering, I'm so thankful for my mom and this Mother's Day I plan to honor her for all that she is. She is my rock. My inspiration. Her strength  inspires me to be strong, while her gentle spirit reminds me to be patient. 

Thanks for allowing me to be vulnerable today, friends. Would love you to share your stories about your mom in the comments below. xx


  1. So sweet and wonderful! What a powerful woman to celebrate!

  2. Lovely. We have just had Mother's day in the UK, but why not get her something extra? :)



  3. I will keep your mother in prayer.

    Happy Saturday, Leah :)

  4. Great picks dear!

  5. Leah I'm so sorry to hear that about your mother! Thanks for sharing. I just stopped and said a prayer for her. I hope you all find the answers you need over the coming weeks that will take away the cysts on a safe way. Sounds like Mother's Day will be extra special!
    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


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