Leah Behr: Adventures In Food

Adventures In Food

You may not know this, but I love to cook. In fact, when I first started this little blog of mine, it was really more focused on food, than on fashion. Fashion has always been my first love, so it only made sense that EPWL evolved into a mostly fashion focused blog, but the foodie within me still likes to come out and play, and that's why I've kept a space for that on my blog. 

Speaking of fashion - I unintentionally wore the same outfit twice this week on the blog. But hey, IRL I often wear the same outfit two days in a row, so...I guess I'm just keepin' it real. ;)

I recently had the opportunity to try out Blue Apron. If you haven't heard of them, they are a food service that delivers fresh ingredients and recipes straight to your front door. I mean, talk about convenience! For me, personally, this service couldn't have come at a better time because in the midst of our renovation, I have had NO time to go to the grocery store lately! 

All of the ingredients came fresh and individually wrapped in a refrigerated package. I especially loved how I didn't have to be home to receive the package, and could rest assured that my ingredients wouldn't spoil before I got home, because the package stays pretty cool. 

Three recipes (and food for each recipe) came in a box. They were easy to follow, and were all things that I typically don't cook - so it was fun to try something new! Each recipe features a meal that's between 500-700 calories (great for the calorie counter!) and comes in sizes that are perfect for just two people. Or, if you've got a whole family to feed, there's a package for that too!

The recipes were so easy to follow, that even the boy could do it! He stepped in and helped one night, when I burned the crap out of my hand and couldn't complete the meal. (Don't grab pans that have been sitting on the stove!  They may be hot...duh!)  

Being someone that cooks a lot, I always default to my main favorites, so a service like Blue Apron really helped me think outside the box, in that way, and got my creative juices flowing. I'm looking forward to whipping up a whole new world of recipes, thanks to the inspo I snagged while preparing these.

Blue Apron ships to over 80% of the nation, so def check and see if they deliver to your area! They're even offering 2 free meals to my first 250 readers that sign up! Click here to get you're first two meals for free, and experience Blue Apron for yourself!

*Product was provided in exchange for my review. As always, opinions expressed herein are my own.


  1. YUM!! We made a blue apron meal last night and have two more yay!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I have heard so many amazing things about blue apron! ((Also loving your cozy sweater!!))

  3. If I find an outfit I love, I wear that sucker 24-7, so no shame at all girl! This meals looks so delish, I definitely need to try out Blue Apron! Thanks for sharing:)


  4. So funny I started blogging about Interior Design and Fashion and Fashion has taken over mine! I love that you incorporate your love of cooking too though because it is always fun to learn more about my favorite bloggers. I've tried other food services like Plated but not Blue Apron - glad to hear it was a good experience - I might have to check it out!


  5. I've wanted to try Blue Apron for a while! I just love the idea of a to-your-door service for a great meal! This looked so good!


  6. That's amazing!
    Have a great evening!
    Angela Donava

  7. i've been trying to cook more of my own meals as well, looks good!

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway

  8. This sounds really cool! I used to do more blogging about food too because I also love to cook.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


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