Leah Behr: Picnic In The Park

Picnic In The Park

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It's safe to say that summer has FINALLY arrived in Colorado, and I couldn't be more excited! Being a Cali girl at heart, I crave warm weather, and there's no better way to get outside and enjoy the sunshine than with a little outdoor entertaining! Sadly, since we're in the process of renovating our first home, our backyard has been put on the back-burner, and is most certainly not the setting for any sort of outdoor gathering. (One day!) Luckily, we're walking distance to a beautiful park, that is more lush and green than any backyard I've ever kept; and really, there's no better way to ring in the summer than with a picnic in the park!
American Honey Whiskey / Colorblock Utensils / Throw Pillow

This summer, I'll be grabbing a few friends and throwing a soiree under the sun - aka a "Picnic in the Park." I'll be reaching for a few essentials, like the ones pictured above, and serving up some yummy treats. There will be delicious baguettes, charcuterie, fruits and cheeses, and we'll wash it all down with a pitcher of spiked lemonade featuring Wild Turkey American Honey Bourbon. I mean really, what's more refreshing than a spiked lemonade in the summer? Stay tuned to see how I serve up summer!

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  1. I have a picnic basket on my list of things to get before having a picnic that I so desperately want LOL!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. You just made me more excited for Summer!


  3. A picnic sounds lovely right about now! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. Omg I want to go on a picnic now and yes all the way for brining the bourbon! ;)

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  5. Omgsh I love me a good picnic--and one with bourbon--yes please!!


  6. I love a good picnic at the beach or park! And, a basket makes all the difference!! This one is perfect!!


  7. Picnic's are my favorite, love your picks!!


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