Leah Behr: Vintage Inspired Athletic Wear

Vintage Inspired Athletic Wear

It's no surprise that athletic inspired pieces made a huge comeback in 2015. My take on it? Citizens of NYC, and other big cities, decided enough was enough and started wearing trainers during their commute. (I mean, if you've ever been to the city, you'll see what I mean.) 

But you know how that story goes. Sure it starts innocently with switching out your heels for a pair of trainers, then you decide it's perfectly acceptable to trade in your jeans for yoga pants and next thing you know, you just stop getting ready altogether in the morning.

There's nothing wrong with wearing athletic gear, but I've found that keeping a fashionable eye in mind when selecting workout wear, will assist in straying away from the "I just didn't want to get dressed today" look, and keep you looking fashion forward. One of my favorite ways to achieve that look, is through fun vintage inspired athletic pieces.


  1. I love the laid back joggers - they are just so comfy! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I totally need to invest in some cuter athletic wear--great picks :)


  3. This outfit is definitely athletic inspired, but I would so wear it everyday, even though I don't have a sporty bone in my body!


  4. I love this trend so much! I've been living in joggers this summer!

    Wishes & Reality

  5. Love the joggers and the sneakers are perfect!!


  6. Love the athleisure trend and the fact we're getting into major throwback territory- I need to get me a pair of the ol' Adidas Superstars I used to wear as a kid!

    Le Stylo Rouge


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