Leah Behr: Postcards From Table Rock Lake

Postcards From Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake is a special place for the Behr family. My husband's family used to own a home there and have spent countless summers there making memories on the lake. 

For me, Table Rock is where I learned to wakeboard. It is also on a trip to Table Rock exactly 3 years ago this Saturday that I decided to start Eat Pray Wear Love.

I usually share travel guides chock full with things to do, and places to eat, but in Table Rock we mostly wakeboard all day and eat at home at night, so I decided to share a few postcards instead.

Aside from hanging out on the water, we happened upon Big Cedar Lodge which is owned by Bass Pro Shops. We had a yummy dinner there with an incredibly breathtaking view!

Hope you guys are having a great week! Sorry for the silence here on the blog. Just trying to catch up on life after having been gone for a week. You can always catch me over on IG though: @eatpraywearlove


  1. Went to camp there!! Also jumped off some big rock cliffs! Love your wake boarding photos!!


  2. What a small world- my family totally used to make the trek down to Table Rock from KC a few times every summer to vacation! :)

    Love the pics!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Looks so gorgeous! What an amazing time!


  4. This looks like so much fun! Nothing is better than water sports!

    Wishes & Reality


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