Leah Behr: Shopami: Save With Shopping

Shopami: Save With Shopping

We all have the one email account. You know, the one you created when you were 18 and have held on to for ages because you don't want to be rude when the clerk asks you for an email, but you also don't want them spamming you with deals you just end up deleting.

Almost everyday, I receive some sort of email with a coupon code for savings. The problem is, when I'm at the mall and mid-shopping spree, I never even think about those emails.

Then I go home and think, "Oh shoot, I could have saved 30% off if I remembered this coupon" and then, ultimately start wondering if pleading with the sales associate will help my case in somehow recovering that 30% off. I know I'm not the only one, ladies.

Then Shopami came along, and everything changed.

Shopami is an app that collects all your email offers and stores them on the app, so they are ready to use when you are out and about. Shopami lets you know about the deals and discounts in your email that you can use while you shop.

Shopami recently took me on a #ShopamiSpree, so I could test drive the app and share it with all of you. Here's what I loved:

1. Literally, as you approach the mall/stores, a notification will pop up on your phone alerting you of the sales and deals. (You can choose which stores and brands you want notifications for, so you only get notified for the deals and discounts you care about.)

2. Specifically, while I was shopping at The Loft, not only was I alerted that everything was 40% off, but I was reminded by the Shopami app that I had an extra 25% coupon buried in my inbox. #winning

All you've gotta do is download the Shopami app from the iTunes or Google Play Store, turn on your location/notification settings so that Shopami can do its thing and keep you informed when you're near a sale, and you'll start to receive notifications on all current or coming sales, deals and discounts!

Guys, I'm literally addicted to this thing. I've been checking it almost daily to make sure I'm not missing a sale! There are hundreds of supported stores, so make sure to check it out and start saving big!

Turtleneck (aka the perfect layering piece, that comes in 4 colors!) / Sweater / Jeans (old) - love these / Booties, 3 colors! / Ring

*This post was sponsored by Shopami, all opinions expressed are my  own.

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  1. How lovely do you look? I am in love with this light and sweet look! You look so chic!

  2. This look is so beautiful, fresh and adorable...you look great ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion blog

  3. Such a great idea! I love it. This outfit is fabulous too babe.


  4. I love the layering! Those stripes bring so much interest to the full look.
    Red Reticule

  5. Definitely a useful app! Also, I love your outfit, these calm neutral colors are so beautiful together!

    Bella Pummarola

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