Leah Behr: Tips For Packing Light

Tips For Packing Light

When packing for Portland, I tried to pack as light as possible. That being said, I still managed to pack three pairs of boots. #sorrynotsorry

Packing light can be tricky, especially in cooler months when your thick sweaters and boots take up so much for your bag - especially when you are a size 10, like me! That being said, here are a few of my tips for packing light.
1. Outfit plan - There is no surer way to overpack than to wait until the last minute. You already feel rushed and flustered regarding your upcoming trip, which makes it hard to think straight about what you really need to bring. I suggest pulling items from your closet a few days before, so you can take the time to think about what you want to bring. 

2. Wear your biggest boots - Wearing your biggest boots (aka OTK's) on flight, is the best way to save room in your suitcase. (Same goes for your heavy coat. It's always best to carry this on the plane, since it won't be considered a "personal item.")

3. Mix and Match - Bring pieces in similar color palettes, so mixing and matching them will be easy. When traveling, I always tend to stick to neutrals, like black, white and tan.

4. Take Advantage Of Your Personal Item - This reversible tote has proven to be the best travel buddy around. I always stuff it full of miscellaneous items (camera, iPad, snacks, etc.), but I have learned that if I carry items like my jewelry and makeup on the plane, it knocks off a few pounds from my checked bag, making room for hair products that aren't TSA friendly.

Cardigan / Zara Leggings (old) / Unisa Gillean Boots via DSW, c/o - dying over this version / Shirt Karen Walker sunnies via Ditto- try for 1 month free with code EPWL


  1. I totally agree on wearing you're heaviest things - they take up the most room, so taking them out of the equation gives you so much more wiggle room! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I really love this lok &style!
    you re pretty in this cardigan.
    Here i m til wearing summer clothes ,still so warm.
    Wish you a fab day!

  3. When I saw this post, I thought "oh good, I need this. I packed three pairs of boots for Denver." I cracked up when I read you did the same. You need them! Great tips. I always try to wear my biggest items too. Love this sweater.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. I love your outfit ♥


  5. I love this! I try to stick with black, white and denim when traveling!

    Wishes & Reality

  6. Haha u are so like me when I pack..I'm always saying well hm maybe I might wear these.. so just in case. Loved the tips! Great post:-)


  7. Love these tips! And that cardigan! Where's it from?


  8. Love this outfit! it looks so comfy :)
    -Adi xxo

  9. Great tips - I also try to mix and match and wear my most bulky boots on the plane to save a bit of space in the suitcase! Have fun in Portland!

    Rae of Love from Berlin
    Bloglovin' // instagram

  10. I like your idea to wear your biggest boots, that's smart! Great tips :)



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