Leah Behr: Cabo Travel Guide

Cabo Travel Guide

This is the 3rd time I've been to Cabo, and I'm certain it won't be that last! It's only a 3 hour *direct* flight from Denver, so it scores major points for convenience, in my book. For those of you who have doubts about south of the border travel - Cabo is super tourist friendly and feels incredibly safe. 

First things first, if you're wondering about staying in either Los Cabos, or Cabo San Lucas, I recommend the latter. I hear you can get better rates in Los Cabos, but it's quite a bit further away from all the action. Cabo San Lucas proper is located closer the marina, so there's plenty of boats to take you out on a sunset cruise - but we'll get to that later. Best of all, its within walking distance to all the shops and restaurants downtown. 
A few vacation essentials below: glo minerals petite brush kit, a good magazine, panama hat, and my favorite Karen Walker sunnies from Ditto (try them out for free with code EPWL). I got to take my new luggage for a spin this trip, and I loved it! If you're in the market for a chic new piece, I highly recommend this one. It made me feel so grown up!
This trip, we selected Me Cabo as our resort. It's an adult-oriented resort, with a lot of vegas vibes. The whole resort is super contemporary. The staff is wonderful, and the pool overlooks the famous Cabo arch (pictured below). My favorite part, was the house DJ that spinned by the pool all day long. There were plenty of lounge chairs and cabanas by either the pool, or on the beach, with plenty of staff to serve you up on your champagne campaign.

When you're tired of laying by the pool (sounds like an oxymoron, but it happens) town is a quick walk away. The mall has lots of american shopping, if you are in the need for last minutes things - there's a Sunglass Hut, and a Beach House filled with Volcom, RVCA, etc.

My favorite part is walking around the marina, looking at the street vendors on the side streets, and feeling like you've escaped to another world - which, I guess by this point, you sort of have.
I saw a flamingo IRL! It was a dream! Like seeing a unicorn, I swear.
If you're looking for activities to do, there's plenty right outside your door. The beach is lined with vendors ready to take you parasailing, snorkeling, sailing or jet-skiing. We opted for the leisurely route, and jumped on the boat as our friends parasailed. Later that day, we got massages on the beach. Guys- it was like $45 for an hour long massage on the beach. Say what?! Second best massage of my life, I tell ya. Worth every penny and more!
We took the Pez Gato sunset cruise one night. Orignally, we had requested the Tropicat sunset and wine cruise, but there weren't enough people booked so we got moved over to the Pez Gato. It was more of a "party boat" but still low-key enough, and not too many people on board. I had my doubts, but it ended up being so fun! They played lots of fun pop music, and the staff put on an amazing show doing the "Wip Nay Nay". We even did a wobble on the boat. I didn't have anything to drink while on board (I was more interested in the whale watching!) but still had a total blast! It was the perfect way to end our trip.
Where to eat:

Gosh - this trip was probably the best food experience I've had down there. Here's my list on the best restaurants in Cabo.

Panchos - My preferred Mexican restaurant in Cabo San Lucas. It's always on the list, and for good reason. 

Corazon de Alcachofa - This is favorite of mine. The whole menu is laid out on a white board noting the number they have that night for each item. (i.e., lobster (5), rib-eye (4), etc.). The ambiance is beautiful, and in true Cabo fashion, as you sit outside under the stars.

Chimayo - A new favorite, this restaurant is your place to go for the best meat in town. Everything is grilled at the front of the restaurant, and served up to you with a side of salad. Great spot for a good, easy, delicious meal.

Romeo and Julietta - It may seem strange to go to an Italian restaurant, while in the heart of Mexico, but this place was amazing! Some of the best italian I've had in a while, and at such a great price! I think we got two entrees and a bottle of wine, for like $50! Which, is a steal in Cabo.

JP's Trailer Park - When our chef friend recommended to go to this spot, I immediately though it would be some cool urban location with hip food trucks. Upon arrival, we learned that, indeed, it was actually just a trailer park. (The kind of place where American retirees drive their 5th wheel down and park for the week to escape the winter cold.) Don't let that fool you though! The food was incredible! My friends ate burgers (a nice reprieve from all the mexican fare we had been eating) and I ordered some mexican dish (pictured below) that the waiter recommended. It was one of the best things I ate that whole trip!

The Office - I feel like this is the most famous restaurant in Cabo. At least, it's the kind of place that people that have been to Cabo, will always ask you if you'll go. The whole restaurant sits on the sand, so you can walk over from the beach. All of the tables are completely shaded under umbrellas, so you can get a nice break from the sun, too.

Peruvian Restaurant - Located inside of the resort Me Cabo. We had dinner there the first night. This was a really interesting menu. I ordered a beef tenderloin dish, that was fantastic!  We watched as 3 chefs perfected the presentation using tweezers and other meticulous utensils. A great meal, but a lot of the options were pretty unique, so don't take the picky eater here. :)

El Farallon - Probably the best restaurant I've ever been to! It gets that ranking for ambiance alone, but the food is equally incredible. The whole restaurant sits on a cliffside overlooking the Pacific Ocean. (Click on the link to see what I mean.) As you enter the restaurant (which is attached to The Resort at Pedegral) you are immediately invited to partake in a champagne and salt pairing at the the bar. Once you've had your fill, you walk over to the next stop, to select your fresh market fish. After you've selected your fish of choice, you are seated overlooking the Pacific. They start you with a crab and shrimp posole (that I am still thinking about!). The next course is a sort of caprese cactus salad, shrimp ceviche, and crab cakes. Albeit the appetizers are delicious, be sure to save room for you main course, which comes with the fish you selected, as well as two additional sides of your choice. (These aren't your average sides either, they are all prepared to perfection!) The whole evening was set to the tone of an amazing violinist playing popular hits from Coldplay, Train, etc. If you want to splurge on a meal one night, this is the one!

Well, I hope that addresses some of the questions you may have about Cabo San Lucas. If you have anymore, feel free to ask them in the comments section below! 


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