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Natural Skincare

There are varying opinions about skincare and whether or not you should use all natural products. My personal opinion is yes, you should, but that's just me. Often times, it's hard to find products that have healthy ingredients, but also actually make your skin look and feel as good as the big brand retailers do. CT Organics is a product I've talked about before, and am still using, because I believe in it. I truly believe that God put certain plants on this planet to help us heal. And while I also believe in a healthy combination of western/modern medicine, I think it's important to try a natural approach whenever possible. 

For the past month of so I've been test driving CT Organics. Cleansing with this Matcha Camu Camu Face Wash has been part of my daily routine, and my winter skin is thanking me for it! It's full of sea salt and matcha to cleanse away impurities, but the aloe, olive and coconut oils are added so it doesn't strip your face like most cleansers do. 
Once or twice a week I'll do a deep cleansing mask (as pictured on my face above). This stuff is deeply exfoliating, but still gentle, and can help with acne issues.

Post cleansing, I immediately follow with the Argirline Eye Serum. I swear this stuff is magic against fighting wrinkles. Then, I finish off with this day cream, which really visibly promotes the elasticity of my skin. 

About 2-3 times a week, I finish off my nightly routine by applying this Camu Camu serum. It's extremely high in Vitamin C, so it fights off free radiants, while increasing elasticity and softening fine lines. 

Other products I'm loving are the natural deodorant (it's all I use!), this shea butter and coconut lotion, and this activated charcoal soap.

If you would like to try out a handful of their products, before taking the plunge, I highly suggest this travel pack, which is filled with many of the products mentioned above. 


  1. Love the serum. Its great that it has Vitamin C

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  2. The camu camu night serum is amazing for skin. It is full of natural antioxidants including astaxanthin. Check out our website www.ctorganics.com


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