Leah Behr: Spring Makeup Routine

Spring Makeup Routine

Spring is all about freshening up, which makes it the perfect time to rethink your current makeup routine. For me, it means taking better care of my skin, and part of that means trying to wear less foundation. Sadly, with limited sun exposure in the winter, my skin can be super uneven, making foundation a necessity. I've been using GloMinerals primer before putting on foundation, for a while now, so when they recently asked me to try their new tinted primer with SPF 30, I was eager to give it a try - especially since I'm trying to clear my face from all the winter damage. 
The primer fills in fine lines just like a primer does, but the tint evens out your complexion, giving a light foundation feel, while the SPF 30 protects against sun damage.
If you've been following EPWL for a while, you know that my motto is, "never leave home without your eyebrows." But seriously, I don't. It makes a crazy difference to fill them in! This Brow Quad is a fierce combo! It comes with two shades of brown (there's a blonde palette, too) and a wax and highlighter for added definition. 
It also comes with this amazing dual action brow brush allowing for full coverage and ultimate definition. 
The star of this show, however, is this elemental eye kit. Frankly, it's the only eye kit I really think you need. It has pale pinks, browns, and a graphite color, that will give you that sun-kissed or deep smokey eye. 



  1. I normally just let my eyebrows be during the week and do them up when I'm going out or something like that - but a great every day kit is always welcome!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. That primer sounds like a fabulous choice once I finally get some sun on my face! I love that it has SPF!

  3. Seriously need that primer in my life!! What a fun and wonderful post!

  4. So crucial to change up your makeup routine with the seasons! That primer looks key! xo, Pam


  5. I have been looking for a good primer, so I will have to try this one out! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  6. Nailed it! Gorgeous photos, babe!



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