Leah Behr: Frill Sleeve Playsuit (+ Questions For You!)

Frill Sleeve Playsuit (+ Questions For You!)

Summer seems to be in full swing and I'm definitely not complaining - especially because I get to wear cute things like this frill sleeve playsuit. We played hooky from work yesterday morning and got in some boat time, and it was amazing! (If you're a friend of mine, please remind me to put SPF on in ALL THE PLACES, because my skin has definitely changed lately and I'm getting the worst tan/burn lines LOL) I don't know about you, but work never stops for us, be it Real Estate or blog, so it's important to take time to carve out and just enjoy life. 

Speaking of Summer and things I enjoy, did you catch the details on my annual Flamingo party? It's truly one of my favorite Summer things to do, each year. 

Obviously another one of my favorite summer activities is stocking up on my Summer wardrobe. (Yes, I consider online shopping an activity! It's a lot of work!) If you don't know, I'm constantly updating the "shop" page on my blog with items I recently purchased (or want to purchase). If you are looking for fresh wardrobe ideas, you can always check there
On another note, I'm still struggling with figuring out what you guys want from me, and it's largely because I haven't really received feedback from you. I would really love to know what you guys like seeing on my blog, on my Instagram and even my Instagram stories. Do you like the content I share? Is there specific content you would like to see more of? Do you like when I keep my outfit posts short and sweet or do you prefer a story line? Are there any collaborations you want to see more of?

Also, SUPER curious about what your thoughts on Instagram stories are. Why do you watch me? Or why do you watch whoever you watch? What are the types of things you want to be seeing there? My day? My outfits? What keeps you engaged there?

I can't do this whole blog thing with the support of all of you, so I would love to know what keeps you coming back to EPWL and I'll give it to ya! 

You guys are the best!

Playsuit, c/o Chicwish / Sandals, c/o Sole Society / Sunnies


  1. I'm loving this look!! A Flamingo party sound so fun!!!!

  2. Adore the sleeves on this fun romper!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

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