Leah Behr: Springs Favorites: Ola Juice Bar

Springs Favorites: Ola Juice Bar

Back with another one of my Springs Favorites. I've been getting so many comments from locals saying how much they have enjoyed this series, and that means so much! I would love to hear if there are any particular recommendations or businesses you want to learn more about.

I recently did a 72 hour juice cleanse with one of my favorites spots in the Colorado Springs - Ola Juice Bar. They are my go-to spot for acai bowls, but I wanted to try some of their other products to share with you on the blog, so I stocked up on juices and went for it. For cleanses, they offer a 3 day, 5 day, 7 day and 10 day. (If you can do anything longer than a 3 day, you are my hero!) I went for the 3 day, and selected the Green Clean, Green Master and Energizer juices. I'm a big green juice fan, so it was no surprise that I loved them, but I was shocked at how much I loved the Energizer, because it has beets in it. I love beets, but they don't always translate well to juices for my taste. It was actually my favorite though!
Ola Juice Bar
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Not going to lie guys, doing a juice cleanse is torturous! Question for my juicers out there...what advice do you have to get through one? I was about to rip my husbands head off, and pass out behind the wheel, all within the first 14 hours. (My trip to Costco on the first day probably didn't help, either.) I will say, once I powered through, the 2nd day was much easier! Luckily, the juices were so yummy, which helped, too. I did feel super energized after it, too. If you're looking for a good reset/detox, talk to the folks at Ola and they can help you with a juice plan that will align with your goals.

If you are in the Springs, I highly recommend you stop by Ola and grab a juice or acai bowl. And if you see me in there, be sure to say hi!

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