Leah Behr: 5 Things I'm Packing For NYFW

5 Things I'm Packing For NYFW

Just 7 days til Fashion Week starts, and I should totally be packing, but I'm not. (I am, however, making a list...go figure.) I just read Rachel Zoe say, "I don't even understand salads that aren't chopped, anymore" and I'm here to say, I don't even understand people that don't make lists. I mean, I have questions. How do you do all the things? Like seriously - your memory is on point! But...I digress. 

Here's 5 things I'm packing for NYFW.

Mophie Charger - I almost never leave home without this anymore. My phone has the battery life of a 90 year old man, so it's essential to always have a battery backup handy. I love this one, because it's compact and I can take it anywhere.

Amazing Flats - I am such a huge fan of the flats trend, RN. I mean, our moms were right, ladies. Your feet go to hell after 30. At least my feet did. I definitely plan on taking these pearl slides with me, and getting good use out of them. 

Dry shampoo - What was life before dry shampoo? I don't even want to know! With the right blow out, and the right dry shampoo, I can last days without washing. (I have legit gone a week before!) I love this one by Batiste. It's super reasonable, and does the trick.

Blotting Papers - I have combination skin, so my forehead always leans to the oily side. It's essential to have blotting papers on hand, for these moments, to keep my face looking flawless. I've been using these ones since I was like 12, so they are definitely my tried and true.

Statement Sunnies - I seriously never leave home without them, and Fashion Week is no time to forget them. I plan on going non-stop while we are there, so these sunnies will be my saving grace for tired eyes. They're only $50 and I get complimented on them ALL THE TIME. 

As for clothes, I'm taking a minimalist approach to fashion, this year, and even shopping my own closet - for the most part. I love it because it feels so much less stressful. I'll be taking a slip dress (love this!), this blazer set, a few good tops and statement jeans, and I'm even borrowing this velvet skirt from a friend. Hopefully my zen lasts up until the day we leave, and I'm not scrambling to have Shopbop overnight me items (has anyone else ever done that?!)

Curious on how you can attend NYFW week, too? Check out this post where I share all the deets on how to attend Fashion Week. 


  1. Love that bag. Enjoy NYFW.

  2. Hope you enjoy NYFW! Love checking out your blog!

  3. Hello;
    love your outfit!
    you re stunning!
    Beautiful photos!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Totally need a mophie charger in my life ;-) Loving these tips! Have fun, babe ;-)


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