Leah Behr: 6 Botox Questions Answered

6 Botox Questions Answered

Disclaimer:  I am not nurse or doctor. I am sharing my personal experience and thoughts on the this topic. Please consult a medical physician before deciding whether this is right for you.

Yes, I did it. I got Botox - and I'm not afraid to talk about it. In fact, I think we should talk about it. So let's talk about the Botox questions you may have.

I know some of you are rolling your eyes, like "I would never"... and some of you are cringing, saying to yourself, "why is she sharing this?!" Well, I make it a point to be transparent with you guys, because transparency is just my life policy. I'm an adult and I make my own choices. That's the beauty of adulting.

Plus, I think a lot of people are curious about the topic and have Botox questions but are just afraid to talk about it.

I decided to put together a little Botox FAQ. I'm answering the most common botox questions below. If there is something I haven't covered, please feel free to ask me your botox questions in the comments below, or send me a DM on Instagram. And, if you are in the Denver area, I highly recommend Taylor from Restorative Injectables. I have been seeing her for months, and she is incredibly knowledgable and just overall delightful to work with. Please tell her I sent you!
6 Botox Questions Answered by popular Colorado fashion blogger Eat Pray Wear Love

1. Does it hurt? I mean...a little, but not much. It just feels like a little pinch.

2. Will I see immediate results? No. Botox results typically take about 3-7 days to appear.

3. How long with it last? Everyone is different but, on average, results last about 3-4 months. (I personally find that when I am doing a lot of high intensity cardio, my body tends to metabolize it faster.)

4. How many units should I get? This is really different for everyone, and how natural, or how intense, you want your results to be. I personally get 21 units throughout my forehead and "11".

5.  When should I start getting Botox? Again, everyone is different. The average age is 40, but I started getting it around the time I turned 31. I started to notice some deep lines developing in my forehead and "11" and wanted to be proactive - which leads me to my next question.

6. Is Botox preventive? Absolutely! By starting Botox early, you begin to train the muscles around your wrinkles to work the opposite way, so that you age more evenly over time.

Again, I'm no expert on the topic, but wanted to share my personal experience with you all. I can't express enough how important it is to work with someone that is educated in the field, so that you get the best experience possible. I, by no means, want to completely change my face. I just want, like most people, to age gracefully. Taylor from Restorative Injectables really helps me achieve the "natural" look I'm going for. I can't recommend her enough.

Have any of you done Botox? Do you have any other Botox questions? Would love to know your thoughts on the topic in the comments below!


  1. GIRL I am so glad you shared this! I'm just about to turn 30 and have some serious deep lines in my forehead from sun damage and have been seriously considering it!

    xx, Danielle | Pineapple & Prosecco

  2. My friend I have done Botox for years! Your answers were right on! I'm a fortunate one because my Botox lasts for 6 months at a time�������� I'm not afraid to talk about any self improvement as well����.

  3. It's all about prevention. I love how you are sharing your experience and thoughts on this!

  4. TOTALLY thinking I need botox... :)

  5. I love posts like this! Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

    @trendyinindy || trendyinindy.com

  6. Thanks for sharing your experience! I haven't had it done...yet

  7. Great post gal! I just had botox for the first time a couple of months ago and I'm 27. I LOVE it! I can see a huge difference in the wrinkles in my forehead and know it's a great preventive move.

    xo Laura Leigh

  8. I will definitely do Botox once I get a bit older and see that I need it!!

  9. Thanks for all the insight, I have been thinking about it doing it in the next few years!

  10. Thanks for your tips! Botox is definitely something I will be looking into in the near future!

  11. Thanks for the input! Definitely will take this into account ok the future.


  12. This is informative girl! I will have to look into this



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