Leah Behr: 9 Best Christmas Gifts For Him Under $25

9 Best Christmas Gifts For Him Under $25

There's a lifelong debate over who the more expensive sex is. And, if you have ever tried to find Christmas gifts for him under $25, it's easy to see why. You could buy me any little mug or trinket, and I'd be a happy girl. Why is it such a harder task with men? 

I'm back with another gift guide today, sharing my top picks for Christmas gifts for him, and everything is under $25. Did you catch my under $25 guide for her? Would love your feedback, as I still have a few days of gift guides ahead. If there is anything you would like to see more of, please let me know!

Now back to my 9 best Christmas gifts for Him under $25. Just click on the + sign next to each item, to shop it, or in the pink text in the comments below.

Travel Grilling Set With Insulated Cooler - This gift is perfect for the tailgater or camper, in your life. It comes with 15 accessories and an insulated cooler, and is just $23! Shop it here.

Beard Grooming Set - Chances are, you know someone who has an epic beard, and beard lovers take their beard care v seriously! This beard brush and comb set is perfect for the manly-man in your life. It's just $13, so you could also had this beard oil to the set, if you wish. Shop the grooming set here.

Music IQ game: This game is perfect for the music lover in your life,  for obvious reasons. It has over 400 questions about music ranging back to the 60's. I always feel like games are a gift for everyone, because at our holiday events, someone usually busts it out for entertainment at the end of the night. Shop it here.

Tea Bag Tea Infuser: I normally wouldn't post something like this, because it's just kind of yucky looking - but the fact is, I can't ever say the word "teabag" in a sentence without Brandon bursting into laughter, so this is undoubtedly going in his stocking, this year. Shop it here

Adidas Beanie - This works for SO MANY people in your life. Adidas is killing the game right now, and this is a great, inexpensive gift, for just about any guy. Shop it here

Herschel Wallet - Another brand that is completely killing the game right now is Herschel. And, at just $25, this wallet makes a super practicable and fashionable present. Shop it here

Worm Roller - Foam rolling is a religion in my family, so I super love gifts like these. This one is compact enough for travel, which is always an issue for athletic types. Shop it here.

Salt Lamp - This could really work for guys or gals, but it made the guy's list because I bought one for my husband earlier in the year and he loves it. It's supposed to have a number of health benefits, but what we love most is the dreamy, soft lighting it puts off. It is so perfect for your nightstand! Shop it here.

The Lego Architect Book: Lego lovers will appreciate this table book, for sure. It's a great, unique, gift for guys of all ages. Shop it here.

How are you guys liking my gifting series so far, especially these Christmas gifts for him? Would really love your feedback! Let me know in the comments below. 


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