Leah Behr: 2017 in Review + My Word For 2018

2017 in Review + My Word For 2018

As I sit down to write this post, I can't help but feel overwhelmed. You see, when I sat down to write a similar post 365 days ago, my view was quite different. (You can read that post here.) 2016 completely sucked and I so desperately needed 2017 to be good. And, you know what...it was! I'd venture to say 2017 was my favorite year, ever. That's not to say that 2017 hasn't been hard. I have been through a lot of REALLY hard things this year (like this), but even the hard things have had such beauty in them. I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this past year and where it's all brought me, today.
In 2017, I made an amazing new friend (you know who you are), my relationships deepened with my "old" ones (you know who you ALL are), and my marriage blossomed to new depths. I got to share quality time with a family member, that was so needed and will be forever cherished. I had my best year professionally, with the blog and in Real Estate. I took my fitness goals to new heights, and somehow found a rhythm with the whole work/life balance (mostly, anyway). I let go of some things that were not good for me to hold onto, and I have opened my heart more to the things that are.

My word for last year was "joy" and then it quickly switched to "present", which was a recurring reminder to me throughout the year to just BE. Don't think of the past, don't worry about the future, don't miss out on the precious moments right where you are. Just be present. And, I was. Not always, but I always worked at it. And I think the work paid off. By being present, I was able to find JOY, once again. And it overwhelms me.

As we enter the New Year, I've been contemplating my "word". Do you set a word for the year? If you don't it's just basically setting an intention for the next year. Your word serves as a focal point for you to reflect on through the year. It's a super simple trick that can have a meaningful impact. It's always fun for me to look back on my word, and see how it's played out throughout my year.

This past week has been so restful, because work has been slower due to the holidays, and I haven't had anything on my social calendar. I have LOVED it. The word "rest" comes to mind, as an intention for the new year, but I don't think it fully encompasses what I hope for. (And, I know damn well that I can never really rest for too long without going crazy!) A more appropriate word for the year feels like, "center".

Despite all the goodness of 2017, I honestly spent the majority of it feeling stressed and scattered. I hardly did any yoga at all, and when I took a class around Thanksgiving, I realized how much I had been missing it. It makes me feel centered. Being at home more nights than I am gone through the week, makes me feel centered. Having a clean and organized home makes me feel centered. Having healthy relationships makes me feel centered. To "center" myself, is a reminder to come home to myself and my deepest desires, throughout this next year. 

Do you set a word for the year? If not, are you going to start? If you answered yes, what was your word for 2017 and how did it unfold throughout your year? Let me know what your word for 2018 is too, and why!

Happy New Year, friends!

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  1. Dear Leah
    Lovely post and photos!
    It wasn t an easy year that passed, personally I have only one goal for 2018that is to fight my health problems because after a long week of tests, MRI, ultrasounds and all that follows, I must follow the decision of the doctors and make me operate the following week.


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