Leah Behr: Awesome Things To Do In Maui

Awesome Things To Do In Maui

I know it's been a minute since our trip to Maui, but I am finally getting around to writing my travel guides! It was my first trip to Maui, and we pretty much did all the things! I'm covering a lot of ground, so let's get started! Here are my recommendations for the best things to do in Maui!
Awesome Things To Do In Maui by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love

Things to Do in Maui - Places To Visit: 

Road To Hana - Everyone will tell you that you have to do the road to Hana, and they are right! What they won't tell you, is that it will literally be an all day trip - so be prepared! I was warned to take dramamine before the drive, because it's pretty windy, and I get car sick. I was actually totally fine and didn't need it. We didn't go very fast the whole drive, so perhaps that's why. But, if you get car sick, it wouldn't hurt to come prepared. Better safe then sorry!

There are plenty of places to stop along the way, on the Road to Hana, so make sure to bring hiking shoes along. Our first stop was at Twin Falls, located at mile marker 2. (You don't need tennis shoes for this walk.) There are two waterfalls you can go to, and they make for a pretty sweet photo-op spot. Just up the road, the Bamboo Forest is the perfect spot for a good hike. It gets pretty busy, so get there early to beat the rush. You may choose to just do that hike one day, and then continue up the Road to Hana another, because, like I said, the Road to Hana is an all day thing. Along the drive to the Road to Hana, there are plenty of other little waterfalls you can stop at. We stumbled about the stunning painted trees of Maui, and they are unreal! It really looks like someone painted them, or that they should feel like plastic, but they are just normal trees that reveal different colors, as the bark peels away.
Awesome Things To Do In Maui by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
There are few food stops along the Road to Hana, so you may want to bring along some snacks. There will be a stop for banana bread, though. And, if you get there before they sell out, you may be able to snag some authentic Hawaiian BBQ, alongside the road. (We got there just as they were selling out, so we shared a plate and it was delicious!) Don't worry though, if they are all sold out, Hana is just a short drive from there, and they have a few restaurants to choose from.

Red Sand Beach  - When you get to Hana, you must visit the Red Sand Beach! It was one of the prettiest sights I have ever seen! It's tucked away in a little cove, so you have to take a short hike to it. To get there, park at the end of Uakea Rd. Hana Ball Park and Hana School will be on your left, and the community center will be straight ahead. There are yellow gates and a big grassy area to the right of the community center. Head that way til you find a trail opening, and then head left toward the ocean. Keep following the trail around until you get to the cove. The red sand beach is pictured below. This is really what it looks like! The sand is red and blackish, and the water looks as blue as kool-aid.

Awesome Things To Do In Maui by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve - This lava field is located along the southwest coast, and goes for miles! It's supposed to be a great spot for snorkeling, so bring your gear, if that's your thing.

Haleakala National Park - The Haleakala crater is the tallest peak on the island. It's a great place to check out the sunset or sunrise. When we went, it was very cloudy, so we didn't get to see the detail, but I was told it is usually beautiful and majestic.

Things to Do in Maui - Places To Stay:

Wailea Beach - We stayed in Wailea Beach, and it was beautiful! So many beautiful beaches, and resorts. Great snorkeling, plenty of restaurants. Specifically, we stayed in the Wailea Elua Villages. They are condos, available for vacation rentals. The condos are the perfect size for large families, and we loved staying there. Right next door, the Wailea Beach Marriott offers a super chic and modern vibe. If it were just Brandon and I, we probably would have stayed here. There are so many great options in Wailea, though. It's really a great place to stay in!
Awesome Things To Do In Maui by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Paia - This is the cutest little town! Lots of fun restaurants and shopping can be done here. It's close to the entrance to the Road to Hana, so you may want to have breakfast here before you head out. 

Lahaina - Lahaina is one of the bigger towns on the island. There is a harbor there, making it a big hub. There's plenty of restaurants and shopping, if you want to spend some time there. Although, it's probably a little too populated for my taste, in terms of places to stay. There is an incredible Banyan Tree, that sweeps an acre of ground in the town center, and they often hold music and arts fairs there.

Things to Do in Maui - Places To Eat:

We ate at many good restaurants, and you pretty much can't go wrong with ordering fish on the island, but there were just a few that made my list of noteworthy mentions. 

Mama's Fish House - This fine dining experience is located just a short drive from the airport, on the North shore, outside of Paia. The grounds leading to the restaurant are absolutely stunning - the perfect place for a photo op! Although it's considered fine dining, it's still pretty casual in dress (remember, you're on an island!). 

South Maui Fish Co - This was a complete gem of a find. It's a little food truck located in Kihea. They catch fresh fish and poke everyday, and it's out of this world delicious. We tried just about everything on the menu, and it was one of my favorites meals on the trip.
Awesome Things To Do In Maui by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
Awesome Things To Do In Maui by popular Colorado blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
We had such an amazing time during the 5 days we spent in Maui. After that, we headed over to Kauai for a few a days. I'll be sharing that recap over on the blog next week, so be sure to check back then.

Have you ever been to this fantastic island? If so, what were some of your favorite memories or things to do in Maui?

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