Leah Behr: The Best Sweaters Under $50

The Best Sweaters Under $50

I love sweaters. I buy a lot of them - probably more than I should admit. I just can't help it. They make me feel cozy and cute and each of them have their own unique flair, that makes them all worth buying. Plus, when you live in a climate that's pretty much cold 8 months out of the year, they make sense. I hardly spend any money on my summer wardrobe anymore, but I will always indulge in sweaters. 

I also really love that there are so many great online retailers that have great, affordable selections. Take this one I'm wearing from H&M, for example. I paid $35 for it, which is a steal. The quality is amazing, too! Unfortunately, it's almost sold out, but I linked to a ton of the best sweaters under $50, below.
The Best Sweaters Under $50 by popular Colorado fashion blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
The Best Sweaters Under $50 by popular Colorado fashion blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
The Best Sweaters Under $50 by popular Colorado fashion blogger Eat Pray Wear Love

While I always try to find budget friendly sweaters, I am more willing to splurge on a good pair of designer jeans. I feel like everytime I go cheap with my jean purchases, I end up being disappointed. Jeans are worth splurging on because they will last forever (I have had these ones by J Brand for over 3 years!) and you can constantly mix and match them with different tops and sweaters. I recently thought I lost these jeans and just about died! They are sold out, but they are available in a crop version (here) and I recently purchased these non-holey jeans (here). FYI, the fit on the non-holey version is different than these, even though they have the same name. They are a little more stretchy in the legs. That was a little unexpected for me to find out, for sure, but I still like them and they work well for situations where holey jeans are not appropriate (i.e. work).

Shop the best sweaters under $50 below!


  1. I'm always indulging in more sweaters than I should, but the sweater- jeans - boots combo is pretty much what I live in all winter. Always nice when you can find a sweater for a steal, as some of them can be annoying to maintain, quickly getting pills and snags.

  2. I have the same problem! I cannot stop buying sweaters, specifically gray sweaters. You look great in this monochromatic look.

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality


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