Leah Behr: Cute Crop Tops For Spring

Cute Crop Tops For Spring

Crop top, drop top...oh wait. That's not how the song goes. ;) If you saw my Instagram post yesterday, you know two things. 1. I love cute crop tops 2. I am no wear near ready to be wearing them. Like I said in the post, I took about 189798236 photos of this look before finding one that didn't remind me that I ate pizza (like a boss!) the night before. (BRB...I gotta go do crunches...)

Anyhoo, if you've got your bikini game on early this season, and want to show off those abs, I've rounded up a few cute crop tops that caught my eye, below.

This exact crop top is from Tobi, as well as the skirt. I believe you'll get 50% off if you are new member. Plus, they do free shipping over $50, and free returns. Praise!
Cute Crop Tops For Spring by popular Colorado fashion blogger Eat Pray Wear Love
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  1. What a fun crop top babe! Love the look!

  2. Hello Leah!
    enjoy your weekend!
    http://helenamybeauty.over-blog.com/2018/03/changer-de-tete-avec-l-arrivee-du-beau-temps.change-head-with-the-arrival-of-good-weather.htmlYou re just stunning in this look!


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