Leah Behr: How To Wear All White

How To Wear All White

I love an all-white outift. It's effortlessly chic and an easy, put-together look for me, when I'm in a pinch. 

A few weeks ago on Instagram, I asked if you would like me to create a blog post about must-have pieces in a capsule wardrobe, and not surprisingly, a lot of you were interested. I totally get it, too. I, myself, have been trying to move toward interchangeable basics. It makes getting ready easy, and is pretty effective in achieving a flawless, put-together look.
I'll be doing a full blog post in the coming weeks about a capsule wardrobe, but in the meantime, you can rest assured that a good white cami and white pair of jeans are on that list. 

When it comes to interchangeable basics, I tend to invest a little more than I would on something trendy. The chances of you wearing it over and over will be high, so your pay-per-wear will end up being pretty low. Also, since you'll be wearing it over and over, you're going to want to make sure they are quality pieces that will stand the test of time. If you're sticking to a budget, Nordstrom Rack is one of my favorite places to find quality pieces at a low price.

A few simple tricks I stick to when wearing all white.

1. Accessorize it! - To add dimension to your all-white look, it's essential to add accessories. I love wearing hats, so I often reach for them, but if you're not a hat girl, at least reach for your favorite necklaces, earrings and bracelets. I lean toward classic accessories for this type of look, such as mixed metals, because I don't want anything to be too overpowering. 

2. Tan - I feel like shades of tan are one of the easiest ways to add depth to your all white ensemble. Adding tan by way of a fun belt, hat or shoes, is a total must. I have been living in these mules for months now, and can't recommend them enough. They are currently on major sale here, too. (FYI, you'll want to size half a size down.)

3. Denim Jacket - You can't go wrong with an oversized denim jacket, in my book. It's the easiest accessory there is. I always drape mine over my shoulders, for an added dose of chic.


  1. This is such a chic outfit, babe. I love the buttons on the top, which add the perfect little detail and that hat looks fab on you! Thanks for sharing and have a great rest of the week.



  2. Love the look, and you look beautiful! The heels are nice too, love the color!

    The Flower Duet

  3. wow Leah your outfits can do no wrong in my eyes! you look bomb!!!


    1. Oh my word. You are the sweetest ever! Thank you!

  4. I'm loving the all-white look :)

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  5. Loving this all-white outfit dear, so neat and chic. Love the contrast of the sandals, and that faded denim jacket really adds great character to the look!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com


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