Leah Behr: Best Sequin Jumpsuits For NYE Under $150

Best Sequin Jumpsuits For NYE Under $150

So many of you DM'd me about this sequin jumpsuit I got from Vici Collection. It sold out almost instantly, so I decided to round up some other amazing sequin jumpsuits to share.
Best Sequin Jumpsuit For NYE
I've seen so many sequin jumpsuits this season at astronomical prices, and I have to say...don't do it! Trendy pieces should never be a splurge piece, if you ask me. That's why I decided to round up the Best Sequin Jumpsuits For NYE Under $150.
NYE Part Outfit
NYE Sequin Jumpsuit
Sequin Jumpsuit
I've been gravitating toward jumpsuits for all my holiday looks, this year. (I picked up this guy for our annual Black and White party.) But, these sequin numbers take the cake over a New Year's Eve Party dress, and are sure to be a hit for all your holiday needs. Wear them now for your New Year's Eve outfit, then repurpose them next year for Christmas - or even your upcoming birthday look! So many options. Brandon's mom turns 60 next year and will be throwing a 70's party. It's safe to say I'll be rocking this again, then.
NYE Party Look
NYE Sequin Jumpsuit
Sequin Jumpsuit 
NYE Party Outfit Idea 
Sequin Jumpsuit NYE 2018 
Best Sequin Jumpsuit for New Years Eve
New Years Eve Sequin Jumpsuit
Speaking of New Year's, what do you have planned? I remember having major plans last year, and then being so sick I couldn't do anything. This year, I'm determined to go all out - and counting on a friend to throw a party LOL. If that falls through, I guess I'll resolve to sit and watch the countdown on my couch - but either way...I'm wearing this sequin jumpsuit.


  1. You look absolutely amazing! So stylish!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  2. Bring on allllll the sequins! How fabulous is this jumpsuit <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. This looks so good on you! Thanks for sharing more affordable ones.

    Sincerely, Jennie

  4. I saw this jumpsuit a few weeks ago and wanted it so badly!! It is gorgeous and looks stunning on you! So perfect for NYE!!

    xx, Elise

  5. I can see why this jumpsuit sold out immediately!!! It is EVERYTHING! I want it so darn bad!

    Amanda xo

  6. That's a fab jumpsuit dear! So gorgeous on you!
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  7. Oh my goodness that jumpsuit is just fabulous on you!


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