Leah Behr: 33 Random Facts About Me

33 Random Facts About Me

It's my birthday! I mean...not that I had to have a reason to throw on a slip dress and a fur stole, but here we are. You guys asked me for a post on 33 things about me, to ring in my 33 birthday, and we'll get to that, but first...let's talk about this outfit.
I'll always be a trendy kind of girl that enjoys having variety in my closet, but lately I've been trying to invest in interchangeable basics that will stand the test of time. These 3 pieces fit that bill, and are a worthy investment if you ask me.
I've had my eye on a slip dress for a while now. It's the perfect piece to take from the holidays, to pretty much any event throughout the year. It's a versatile piece that can easily be dressed up or down, by slipping switching out footwear and accessories. I've heard a lot about the brand Reformation, and have been wanting to try them forever. (Many of my favorite bloggers have been repping it forever, but I've always shied away due to the sometimes steep price tag.) When I saw this slip dress by Reformation though, I had to make it mine - and the price isn't too bad either. I didn't realize how cool the brand was until I received my dress and read the tag. Reformation makes sustainable clothing, and their whole brand mission is super legit. (You can read more about that here.) My dress, for example, is completely biodegradable and that is seriously badass, if you ask me.
As for the fur stole, it has become one with my body. When I die, this is my formal request to bury me with this piece! It's such a chic accessory that can be worn with dresses, sweaters and coats, alike. (It's on sale for under $30, too!) I'm also super into this SPANX sheer bodysuit. It's perfect to layer under you tanks and dresses to give them an instant winter glam vibe.
Ok...now back to my birthday. By request I'm sharing 33 Random Facts About Me. Tune in Monday, and I'll be sharing another birthday post with some life lessons I've learned in my 33 years.

33 Random Facts About Me

1. I grew up in Bakersfield, CA. I spent 24 years of my life there, before making my way to Colorado Springs.

2. I met Brandon here in Colorado Springs, working at the same office we still work at today.

3. I come from a combined family and am the youngest of 5 children - all of which are much older than me, due to my parents' previous marriages.

4. I used to want to be a professional singer in some capacity. In fact, it was my big dream. When I lived in California, I would record songs and definitely had dreams of making it big. I also hardly sing at all anymore, and let me tell you...when you don't use it, you lose it.

5. I have naturally curly hair, and if you've been following me for a while you know that. I stopped wearing it curly when I chopped my hair off (it looks so bad short and curly!), and it basically forced me to learn how to properly style it. You can see my curly hair here, and you can read more about how I style my hair here.

6. I was captain of my cheerleading squad throughout high school.

7.  I was seriously the most accident prone child. I was in the hospital a number of times for really random freak accidents.

8. I was bit by a dog on my face with I was 7, and still have the scar to this day. I still love dogs though and it didn't make me afraid of them at all.

9. I don't get star struck by celebrities, but if I see a blogger I love in public, I will lose my mind with excitement.

10. I am a MAJOR foodie and will eat pretty much anything. Mexican > everything though.

11. I love to cook and bake, I just never have time for it anymore.

12. I've had more zits in the past 2 years, than I have my entire life. #adultacne

13. I only went to college for about 6 months, before stopping and starting my career.

14. I love a good glass of wine, and am a sucker for tequila.

15. I have never been to Europe, or anywhere outside of the western hemisphere, but I dream of going to Italy and Bali.

16. I'm an early riser. It's not always the easiest for me, and sometimes I wish I could sleep in, but I get so much done in the early hours of the morning and enjoy the time to myself with my coffee.

17. I started my career in mortgage home loans, with my mom, at 18. When I moved to Colorado, I switched gears and got into Real Estate.

18. My favorite quality about myself is my ability to look on the bright side of almost every situation.

19. I have big feet, but I swear they have shrunk! I used to be a solid 10, but I find myself buying 9.5 these days.

20. I had braces when I was younger, because of a snaggle tooth I had. When I got older, I discovered braces ruined my mouth and caused some serious "root resorption" and I had to have my lower molars pulled on both side. My have an implant on one side, but I still need to get them done on the other.

21. I've had tea with Julie Andrews.

22. I always thought I had some sort of Native American in me, but my 23 and Me says I'm 83% Irish. Also, I hate the fact that I did 23 and Me and offered up my DNA. Regret it ALL the time!

23. I spent all of last year thinking that I was an enneagram 7 and now I'm having an existential crisis thinking I might actually be a 3. #whoami

24. My love languages are gifts and acts of service. So, basically buy me things and do things for me and I'm happy. ;)

25. There are two items in my closet that I really don't know what I would do without. These jeans and these sunnies.

26. My favorite piece of jewelry is my David Yurman bracelet and a pair of black hills gold earrings my mom gave me.

27. I'm obsessed with the Real Housewives, and wish I were besties with pretty much all of them.

29. I could eat oatmeal for breakfast everyday.

30. I was about 25 pounds heavier when I met Brandon.

31. I love living in Colorado Springs, and couldn't see myself anywhere else now, but Brandon and I dream of retiring in California by the beach.

32. My favorite family tradition is "Christmas Eve Gift". Basically, on Christmas Eve, we say "Christmas Eve Gift" to each other and whoever says it first gets a gift from whoever they say it to.

33. I love Jesus, but I cuss a little. Or a lot.

That took way longer than I anticipated and was one of the hardest things ever! Seriously, try writing 33 things about yourself. It feels crazy.

I hope you guys enjoyed learning more about me, and if you have any questions, drop them below. 


  1. UM YOU MET JULIE ANDREWS? she is a damn queen hahaha. Also Happy Birthday - I love learning more about people but naturally Julie Andrews is sticking out to me because my sisters and I watched a little throwback Princess Diaries over Christmas!
    xo, Maddy

    1. Yeah girl! I actually met her at the Princess Diaries premiere! That's where we had tea!

  2. This is such a fab look on you dear! Love the fur, can't go wrong with that. Also, that dress is super sexy and sassy, love it. Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  3. Happy Birthday! My love languages are gifts and acts of service too! Your Christmas Eve tradition sounds so fun!

    Jill - Doused in Pink


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