Leah Behr: Things To Do And Where To Stay In Seattle

Things To Do And Where To Stay In Seattle

If you follow along on Instagram, you know I spent a short weekend in Seattle. We were only there for 48 hours, but managed to do all the things and fill it with so much fun. We walked and ate, and walked and ate some more. Isn't it remarkable how many restaurants you can fit in while you're on vacay? We went to 14 in 48 hours! That feels crazy! (But I'm so here for it.)

Where To Stay In Seattle

If you are planning a quick trip to Seattle, I recommend staying downtown. You're close to all the action, and within a miles walk of some really great Seattle attractions. We seriously lucked out with our stay at Inn at the Market. It was literally RIGHT next to the famous Pike Place Market, and close to all the action. On top of that, the views were out of this world! It's definitely THE place to stay in Seattle, IMO.
I swear Seattle is home to some of the nicest people in the world, which makes sense because you're so far north at that point that you're basically in Canada. The hotel staff was no exception. We were always greeted with a friendly smile, and the bellhop/valet offered us some lovely suggestions on places to go. The rooms felt freshly updated and the overall accommodations were top notch. Don't worry if you forgot an umbrella or if yours is too big to pack. The hotel has plenty and they are easy to grab on your way out the door.

Things To Do In Seattle

Pikes Place Market
- As I mentioned above, there is so much to do within walking distance of the Inn At The Market. We started at the Pike Place Market (obvi) and got to witness first hand the famous flying fish at the Pike Place fish market. We walked up and asked if the guys were going to do it soon, and they grabbed us and put us right under the action! The fish literally flew right over our heads. What a way to start our trip!
Space Needle - We walked over to the Space Needle to see it (about a mile walk from our hotel). It cost $27 to go to the top, so we skipped that and save the extra cash for drinks.

Bainbridge Island - If you're looking for a nice half day trip, definitely take the ferry to Bainbridge Island. The town is so cute and lovely, and the food did no disappoint (see below for where to eat lunch or dinner in Bainbridge Island)

Amazon Spheres - I had never heard of this amazing place before going to Seattle but it's an absolute must! It's basically a massive collection of bio-domes/life size terrariums, where Amazon workers get to work during the week. They open it up to the public on Saturday for viewing. We didn't have tickets, and it was a few weeks booked out. Next time I go to Seattle, I'm making sure I snag tickets for this. One of the coolest things I ever see for sure. It's like Central Park 2.0 in the middle of a concrete jungle - if you know what I mean.
Where To Eat Downtown Seattle

As I mentioned above, we pretty much ate the whole time in Seattle. Doing a quick google search of "beast lunch downtown Seattle" and "best dinner downtown Seattle" was helpful, but we also stumbled upon some gems while walking around, and were pointed in the right direction by some locals. Here are the deets on all the restaurants we ate at in Seattle. Definitely pin this now, so you can reference it if you head that way later.

The Hart and The Hunger - This is one of the cutest restaurants I've ever been to! It's super close to Inn at the Market, and the perfect place to pop over to for breakfast or lunch. They have everything from eggs and bacon, to avocado toast and sammies. Wash it all down with a mimosa and grab a coffee to go when you're done.

Zig Zag Cafe - Almost every friend I spoke to that's been to Seattle, recommended we go to Zig Zag Cafe. It's located in the Pike Market Hill Climb (stairway), opens at 5pm and has the coolest dimly lit atmosphere. The perfect place for drinks and pre-dinner tapas. (They do serve dinner here too.)

Pink Door - Again, this place came highly recommended. It's located in Post Alley and has no signage. Just look for (you guessed it) a pink door. They serve up yummy Italian fare here, and actually have a trapeze artist perform on Sundays. We didn't get to catch the trapeze artist, but enjoyed our meal just the same. We got a carafe of the house wine, which was pretty good for the price.

Storyville Coffee - We went to the location at the market, and started our Saturday morning off with coffee and a view. The coffee was delicious (get the cashew milk!) and this place had all the zen vibes. Definitely recommend starting your day here.

Biscuit Bitch - All the locals know and love this spot, but TBH I wasn't a huge fan. It's basically biscuits and gravy and that's it. You can order it a variety of combos, but it was heavy and not the kind of place I love when on vacation. If you're into that sort of thing though, definitely check it out. The food was great for sure, just not my cup of tea.

Bad Bishop - We stopped here for a drink before taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island. I couldn't make up my mind on what I wanted so I ordered a gin drink which proved to be too strong for 11:30am. (duh) I'd opt for the bloody mary next time instead.

Bruciato - We all agreed this was one of our favorite meals during our trip to Seattle. Bruciato is located on Bainbridge Island and is a fabulous place for lunch or dinner there. They serve pizzas (that looked amazing) but the girls and I shared roasted vegetables (that were out of this world!), burrata and beets, and flatbread with olives. The flatbread was lightly oiled and had a light touch of tomato on it. So delicious!

Hitchcock Deli - We picked up coffee from Hitchcock Deli, and it was delish. This looked like a great place to grab a sandwich on the island, too.

Mora - Because we didn't eat enough in the hour we were on the island, we stopped and got a double scoop of ice cream to share. The raspberry cheesecake paired with the XOXO (chocolate with cherries) was the way to go for sure.

Shaker and Spear - We popped in here to have a drink, but the restaurant was so full (a good sign) that we decided to have dinner here as well. I ordered the crusted rockfish, which I would order again and again. It was cooked to perfection!

Bath Tub Gin - Located in a dimly lit alleyway (where it's sketchy Af, TBH) this was a surprising treat of a place to have drinks. The wait was about 30 minutes to get in (even with a long line), and worth it. The drinks were yummy and the bartender knew his stuff.

Shugs - Apparently all sugar intake rules go out the window on vacay, so we stopped for our second dose of ice cream at Shugs. This place is located near the market, and the best place to grab a sundae (and even a drink). We ordered two ice creams to share, but the kitchen accidentally made 3 and we basically ate ice cream til our stomachs hurt. I can't recommend the S'more Sundae enough. It was worth the tummy ache after.

Top Pot Donuts - I feel like this is the Dunkin Donuts of the Northwest, except actually good. Everyone told us we had to go here and luckily there was one right across the street from our hotel. I grabbed the maple old fashioned and a black coffee to go.

Local 360 - We ended our trip with lunch at this restaurant, where everything is locally sourced from within a 360-mile radius. This is EXACTLY the type of place I want to go to when on vacation. I ordered the last piece of salmon in the house, for my salmon kale caesar. Order a biscuit on the side.

We had the best time in Seattle, in our quick 48 hours. Have you ever been? Any plans to? Be sure to pin this post so you can reference it for your next trip! Happy Friday!


  1. Your outfits look so cosy for the cold weather and it sounds like a fun trip! :)

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :)

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  2. Settle is in my bucket list. It sounds like you had a great time visiting. The fish saying experience seems pretty cool and odd all in one hahaha. And all the restaurants recommendations. Mora seems like my type of place to be ;)


  3. Thanks for this comprehensive list dear. Will definitely take note of these place. Also, loving your cozy look!
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