Leah Behr: Gaga Called, She Wants Her Hat Back

Gaga Called, She Wants Her Hat Back

I've been in the market for a great spring hat and have been seeing this white ivory rancher hat floating around the internets so many times that I finally had to make it mine. You guys know I love a good hat. I really can't get enough of them. I've actually never splurged on an expensive hat before because I've always found them for reasonable prices, but when I saw this one, I knew I had to.

I'm the first to love a good deal, but as I've gotten older I've really begun to appreciate the value of a good splurgeworthy piece. For me, a good hat is at the top of the list when it comes to splurgeworthy investments. It's a versatile piece, you can wear with anything, and will definitely get your pay-per-wear out of.

I recently discovered a brand called Lack of Color, which is where I got this ivory hat. They are a company based out of Australia and could make me go broke if I let them. (This hat is on my summer wish list for sure.)
ivory spring hat
white sweater white jeans white hat
all white outfit
Also, making the cut for splurgeworthy pieces are these white crop jeans. This wide leg crop jean style is definitely the style to wear this year. It's a great piece to wear now through fall, as you can style them with boots and sandals or sneakers. You won't regret the purchase. You can expect this style to be on trend for the next few years.
spring outfit
white crop jeans cognac booties
spring all white outfit
white hat white sweater white jeans
white sweater white hat white jeans
Guys, we are so close to finishing the house it's insane. We've spent two weeks on grueling drywall repairs and let me tell you, they are not for the faint. I actually started crying on Friday night because I was just so exhausted and ready to be done. But thankfully over the weekend, we finally got to the point where we could start deep cleaning the walls and trim, getting the house ready for paint, and I felt so much relief because it's the final step before we get to start really putting the house together again. The end is in sight! Thanks for sticking with me as I've been a little MIA and not up with my regular content. It's just honestly survival mode for me at this point, and the blog has taken a bit of a back seat. I'm so, so, so excited for the content the new house will allow me to bring to you though! So many good things in store!


  1. First off your pictures are just stunning! I love the all neutral look and background. It actually makes your pieces stand out more. I really love the hat and how chic it is!


  2. You rock the monotone look. I love that it is chic but super edgy too!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  3. Beautiful look and the hat is totally splurge-worthy! I identify with your house woes too. We have been trying to repair damage to one of the units in our home from an evicted tenant and it has taken SO LONG! Ugh...after this I don't want to see a paint brush or utility knife for at least 6 months! Hang in there!

    Virginia | More to Mrs. E

  4. love the hat so much. This all white styling is gorgeous. You're so pretty, you look like a model.


  5. Your pictures are gorgeous and coordinate with your looks. I love your hat and I would definitely splurge on it.

  6. Such a fun monochrome outfit, the hat works so well with it!

    Good news that the house is nearly finished, it sounds exhausting!

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :)

    Hope that your week is going well and you have a great Easter weekend :)

    Away From The Blue


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